the truth is, i started liking this boy recently. i started to get the feeling that he liked me back. he would always stare at me and try to get my attention. and it will always work. i used to give him clue like when my friends used to pull me towards him i will be like stop pulling back. and he will just laugh , which gave me an even better idea. my boy (friend) will always be like "i think he likes you but he is too shy" and i was like "seriously . aw :) you made my day " and after time when i started to like him ALOT, my friend (The boy) told me "oh i was just kidding. he doesnt like you." and i was like "wow you lied about everything ?!" and he said "he doesnt like you. he told me but im always seeing him staring at you." and i was like "wow". and i just started tearing up because i really liked the boy. but yeah . in the hall way i try avoiding him and not looking at him. and he keeps trying to get my attention . one time i walked into his class and he looked at me and i was just acting like he wasnt there and he laughed really loud when i was walking out . and i looked back and he waved. i was like o.O . yeahh long story sorry but this is the only way i can express myself :p lol thanks BYE :)