ok, if you are serious about getting a girl to love you, you are going to have to commit to alot of time with her. if you not serious, dont play with her feelings. its not right.

but if you really have feelings for her, lets get her to love you. ok. so here we go..

1. the first step in all of this, there has to be some physical attraction. she obviously must like her if you want to get her to fall in love with you in a one week. otherwise, it will take time. getting a girl to love you fast really depends on whether she finds you attractive or not, if she doesn't, it will take more then one week and alot of dedication.

2. HONESTY - now that you have physical attraction, the next step is for you to start talking. just be honest with yourself. remember that girls will respect you if you are honest.

3. RESPECT - but by being honest, i dont mean telling her all your dirty thoughts, you need to create a limit for yourself and her. you need to control your thought and tell her nice things. dont tell her things that will offend her. be sweet to her.

4. ATTENTION - oh man, this is the hard part. as guys, we always want girls to give in fast. but girls are stubborn when it comes to love. so its up to you to give her attention. by attention i mean text her often, call her often. basically, give her time. let her know you are thinking about her. basically, give her time.

if you do these things, you will see that in a week, she will have feelings for you. but use caution, if you really want her to fall for you, do it, but if you are just messing around, don play her like that because she will just get hurt.