ok, so you want to know how you can find out if a guy is in love with you right? well, the answer depends really. these are some clues you can tell if he is in love with you

* he says he loves you

* he is calling you alot

* he is staring at your eyes

* he is being sweet to you. by that i mean, he is saying really nice things to you

* he is flirting with you

* he gives you red roses

* he draws a heart with his name and your name

these are some things a guy does when he is love. I am a guy, so i know what i am talking about. when i love a woman, i make sure she knows it. there are some times, where i can't say the words i love you, but i give hints to the girl i love. i have found out that sometimes when i love a girl, i tend to over do it. sometimes, im too sweet and it makes me look desperate. and iv'e noticed that girls dont like that. but for myself, i feel so weak. i feel the girl that i love so much, she has so much power over me.

im going through that right now. i think i love this girl i men, we texted all the time, and yesterday i was like telling her all these sweet things and i guess i scared her because i told her i wanted to go clubbing this weekend and she said yes, but she would have to bring her girl friend with her. i said i would rather she only comes. so anywwayz, she asked me why, and i said because i want to be with her alone. so she said, well, just dont fall in love with me, we are just friends... that crushed me into pieces. my heart hurt.. right now i am writing this, we have not talked since last nite. i miss her so much

i noticed that the people we love, they dont love us, and the people that love us, we dont love them. its crazy man!!!

so anywayz, why do you want to know if this guy loves you or not.?