i recently broke up with my ex. i broke up with him about two weeks ago. these last two weeks my heart has been feeling heavy. i miss him so much. all i want to do right now is to hold him and squeeze him so tight and never let him go. but at the same time, i hate him. i am so confused, after what he did, how can i miss him so much and love him so much. i want to get these feeling out. the worst part is that i have to see him everyday, and i can't forget him. everyday i see him, he seems to look better. he doesn't look like he is suffering for me as i am for him. he is all happy and laughing with his friends. i dont know what to do to forget him. im starting to think he has someone else and that's why he doesn't miss me or call me. i know its just better to move on, but this is killing me. i want to get rid of him in my heart, i dont want to have these emotions for him anymore.

now the question is how i can come ontop on this. well, my best friend says i should just get another guy so he knows i moved on. but i think its too soon. what do you think? is it a good idea. what would you do if you were me?