hay bro - if you are reading my post here, you're probably in the same situation i was. i was wondering what are some good words to say to a girl through text. well, im gonna tell you some tips that worked for me.

like for example, there was this chick who i liked but she was like really stubborn, she always took a long time to reply to my text and i would six around waiting for her to reply to me. sometimes, she would take days, so i was like.. what the....

you wanna know what my problem was.. well, it was lame. my texts were boring!!!!!

she wasn't interested in me telling her sweet things. so one day i said, ok, fine, i m not gonna care if i lose this chick anywayz, so im just gonna be straight with her. so i replied somethins which she was interested.... she liked kittens.. for reals!!!! so i sent her a picture of a cute kitten and wow,, she replied within 15 seconds.. so bottom line guys, text her something she is interested, not something you are interested. before i was texting her crap like football scores and movie facts.. to me it was cool, but she was just not into it. some examples of good texts are:

- cute jokes
- good mornings greetings
- science questions
- family

- sports
- games
- cars