about a month ago my heater broke, for some reason, the flames where not coming out. so after two days of troubleshooting it was determined that the problem was with the main gas valve or the control circuit. so aviously i needed to buy a new one, because you just can't repair these parts, its not advisable, anything can go wrong, specially when gas is involve, so if you are thinking about repairing a part, dont, you are better off buying a new one.

so anyways, it was really fraustrating trying to find a parts store where they would sell HVAC parts. but to my surprise, there is none. if you are trying to start a new business, this would be a good one, there is no competition in the san francisco bay area. or is there.

as i googled more and more, i could not find any stores that sell HVAC parts. so i started to wonder, where do all these HVAC repair people get parts from? i mean, its like having a car, and there are not auto parts store?

the first place to look for was the manufacturer of the part. so i go to their website and they only give links to distributors not local stores. and when you go to the distributors, they only distribute parts, like sell them wholesale.. so now im even more fraustrated..

atlast i found some places that do sell HVAC parts. if you are also in my situation where i can't find heater, ventilation or air conditioning parts, try your local appliance stores. they sell parts like ignitors and blowers and more.

the place i found my main gas valve and my ingnition circuit was on amazon.. i could not find any HVAC parts dealers in the bay area. i did find a place in san jose, but when i went to their website, they are a service company, which means, they will tell you that they will fix it for you, and they you have to pay more than by doing it yourself.

since i could not find any HVAC stores in the bay area, i tried outside the bay area, like stockton, modesto and even sacramento. the only place i could find was in sacramento. it was called 'standard' appliance parts, or something like that.. they are on S street in downtown sacramento.

these are some of the cities i looked for in the bay area: san jose, livermore, pleasanton, concord, san francisco, san mateo, redwood city, sunnyvale, fremont, hayward

if you know of any good stores in the bay area, let me know. or tell me why you are searching for HVAC parts, it would really help me help others just like you