special agent oso is one of my new favorite shows on the disney channel. why? because my 4 year old loves the cartoon so much. he taught me how to say bear in spanish. i was like... what are you saying to me.. he said.. 'oso'... so i looked it up and sure enough it was bear in spanish. i was so proud of him. he is learning alot. the last episode we watched together was when there was this little girl who was at the beach with her mom and the little girl was trying to make a sand castle for her mom. the cartoon was showing kids how to build a sand castle. after we watched that episode, we went outside to our backyard and we started making sand castles with our plant containers. my son really enjoyed and he is learning so much. now he is asking me for special agent oso toys and coloring books. i went to the toys r us store near our home but i didnt find any. i do have him got to disneychannel.com often so he can play their special agent oso games. i even was close to buying him a special agent oso plush teddy bear on ebay, but it was just too expensive.

anywayz, i do recommend special agent oso, it is educational for kids. does anyone have a wallpaper of special agent oso so i can put on my computer screen and my kid can enjoy it since he also uses my computer. thanks.