Comptia Project Plus Practice Test

This group contains quizzes, tests and sample exams that i have created to prepared myself for the exam. I am getting ready to take the test and these are some just example questions that i need to study in preparation for the real test.

Project Plus
TPV1 Project Plus Assessment Quiz for Project Managerbefore i start to take any tests, i created this quiz to help me see which areas of the tests i need to focus on. These are just some random questions I have so i can study for the real exam i am going to take.4940
Project + Practice Exam Questions - #1 Initiating The ProjectThese question i put here so i can practice the project plus exam i am getting ready to take so i can memorize the questions i am going to get on Initiating the project2650
Project + Practice Exam Questions - #2 Project Process Groups and the Project CharterThese are some questions to help me prepare for the comptia project plus exam i will be taking, on this short quiz, the topics for questions about Project Process Groups and the Project Charter include components of project charter and process groups of the project life cycle2790