as a citizen of this country i am proud to practice my right to vote.

as a latino man whos average income is 80k. im not int he 47% of people who depend on the government. i work hard. ive learn that this great nation rewards hard work.

i have been disapointed by the GOP extreme take on other people in this country. specifically non whites.

ever since the tea party movement started i have been pushed away from the republican party. then came arizona laws which made me feel not welcome in that state. i am so glad i live in california. and if i ever have to travel to texas to visit my family. ill be sure to go around arizona. i dont want my dollars to go to arizona. then came alabama and the georgia with their anti immigration laws.

so if im hispanic and a us citizen. why should i care about illegal immigrants? i care because i know how it feels to be discriminated upon by other people. ive been discriminated by blacks and whites. so its not a matter of race.

so this year i am going to vote democrat just because i dislike the republican party stand on latinos. and all those latinos who say they are republicans. i see them as traitors.