well, i here because i am so tired of being alone.

i want to find a girl for me. im very shy guy and i dont know how to meet girls. i mean, i dont know what girls look for in a guy, i want to know what is it that turns a girl to make her like a boy. i dont want to be lonely anymore i want to find a girl who will love me and will let me love her. but i know what my problem is. i know im a serious guy, i keep to myself and am very shy. but one thing about is that i am very loyal i like to treat my woman like a princes. look, i dont care about looks, i dont care is she is fat tall blond or brown, all i care is that she lets me love her and care for her. i know how it feels when you are lonely. so i was wondering if there are any girls here that can tell me what they look for in a guy. i mean, what is it about your boyfriend that you like so maybe i can learn from that