so today i am watching a tv show called "The Unsellables" on HGTV Home & Garden Television. from her accen, it sounds like she is british. but she is so beatiful womam. she is amazing. i love her smile. she has perfect teeth. i first saw the show over the weekend and i was amazed by her beauty. and today to my surprise i was surfing the tv while family guy was on commercial, never went back to the cartoon chaneel. so i was googleing her and i came a cross a website where it said they show pictures of sophie allsop smiliing. the pictures show sophie allsop picutures there was one where sophie allsop was driving. as i looked more, there was this user that said he made it using photoshop it was a nice picture. well, sophie allsop didnt look right in that picture because you can tell it wasn't her, sophie allsop hair are that big.. hehhe. she has all her beauty in her face. she is just lovely. i wish i had a gf like that. i would marry her anytime. so from now on, i will watch sophie allsoap's show all the time just to see her. dang, i am in love with sophie allsop.. there was Sophie on ABC Family channel also but i guess she moved to another channel? i dont know, well, i've never seen sophie on other channels, but it seems she had a tv show in the UK i guess. my wife likes watching the show the unselleables because she gets to see how some people are trying to sell a house that is not look good. then sophie comes with her team and makes the house look really nice with decorations. you should see the show, you would like it

what do you like about sophie allsop?