if you are reading my post here its probably because you have your heart broken by some girl

i know its tough, the pain its hard to get rid of because in your head all you think its about her

everything you see in the world reminds you of her, and its like the pain refreshes over and over.

dont you wish you could be with her right now?

but how can you be with her after what she did?

so how do you get over a chick that broke your heart? well, its easy. the answer is TIME

time will heal your wounded heart. i wish can tell you that your poor little heart is going to feel better tommorrow. but the truth is that you are a man.

so suck it up. the first step getting over a girl is to be a man and take it like a man. dont be a wimp and start going to the internet looking for solution to your pain. for now just know that what she did is part of life.

COME ON DUDE!!! Get over it. but, if you dont feel like you are a strong guy, wat can you do.

i have to admit that not all guys are strong as others. there are some of us that are soft. and for us soft guys, the pain can be worst. so i will give you my secret to getting over some girl that caused you heartbreak. the secret is simple. dont listen to music for a week. i guarantee you that after a week of not listenting to music, you will feel better. you might even feel better soon. but try it. it works

now that you know my secret, i would like to learn from you. tell me, what did this girl do to you to break your heart? or why do you want to get over her?