Appendicitis is when you appendix gets swollen. it could be because it got infected. its like a small bag at the end of your intestine. if you have pain in your right side of your stomach is could be the appendix can get swollen and infected if it gets blocked by stool, swollen tissue, or parasites.

you can feel the pain around the belly button and is felt all over the stomach area.

* more pain is when the pain gets stronger and then goes to below the belly button on the right side. it hurts more when you walk or cough.

* Nausea, vomiting and not wanting to eat.

* Constipation, you can't go to the bathroom and its hard to come out.

did you know that if you continue with the appendix being infected it can pop. when it pops, its very serious, so is a good idea to go see a doctor right away so they can remove it.

Appendicitis Quiz