my second best character from the movie cars from disney pixar is mater. at first i thought his name was nader, but i got it wrong, his name is mater. mater is so funny. but mater is always getting in trouble. the last movie from cars 2, i went to see it and it was ok. the first one was better. what kept it good was mater, he is so funny. i am glad macqueen is good enough to value mater's friendship even if mater sometimes acts silly. so i put this nice wallpaper of mater on my comptuer because he is a good guy and mater is always honest and tells the thruth. my dad say to be like mater and say the truth all the time. i wonder if there is going to be a mater movie, without macqueen. i bet there will be soon because mater is a funny character and all my friends like mater the tow trucks. with macqueen and mater, the only two characters in the movie the make it funny. i like mater's attitude and his jokes are off the hook. i laugh when mater tells a joke.

well, im not sure if i am the only mater fan, but i wish i can call him and tell him how funny he is, i wonder what mater would say back to me if he knew i was a fan