the other day i was invited to a friend's party. it was going to be a blast. but later i found out that there was this guy who i like so much, he was going there to. so i was talking with my best friend about it because i was so nervous that i didnt want to go to the party anymore because he was going to be there and i was going to make a fool of myself. i wanted to look attrative to him so he will like me. so i went to the party and guess what, at the end, he took me to this diner and we ate pancakes in the middle of the night. it was so much fun. so this is what i did.

1. dress nice
2. wear makeup
3. take a shower
4. show your attributes
5. find out what he likes.. i found out that he liked this perfume so i went a bough it
6. smile alot. talk to him dont be shy