Hi Jaden Smith am Isyah from Singapore.... I will always look at my cell phone ... cause there is your picture of cause so.. before i go to bed i will take a look at your handsome picture dream is and even say goodnight.... My is too meet and hug you or at least we can contact through cell phone ... for your info i have just recovered a Jadden Smith fever .... That time i cry the whole night and i will always call your name when i am sleeping my mom told me that i really is yur big fan adn stuff.. so i tried my very best to go to google to check on your cell phone number .... but i didn't get it so.... i shout at the top of my voice I LOVE YOU JADEN CHIRSTOPHER SYRE SMITH ,and my mom tried her best to chil me down cause on that day onward everynight i will cry and find you... <3 i just lov you Jaden Chirstopher Syre Smith .... <3 <3 <3

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