last week my friend was not feeling well. she had the flu and i couldn't go see her. so i was wondering how i can write a text to let her know how much i care for her and how bad i feel that she is not feeling well.

the obvious one was 'hope you feel well soon' but that sounded to generic, i wanted her to feel my words and to be personal.

so i thought about it, and i know she likes kittens, so i said instead 'Hi meow friend, i heard you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon. miss u'

she replied thanking me. thanking me because i remembered her and she said she was thinking about me too and how the text was cute.

so if you are stuck like me, just open your heart when writing that simple text to your friend or love one. think of something that you will connect with them on a personal level. the idea is to know you are thinking about them. it doesn't matter how corny it sounds to you. after all, the text is not for you, but for them.