today i got this new laptop hp pavilion that came with a blue ray player when i try to play the movie for the first time is plays really slow and no sounds. so what i had to do i reboot the computer, it worked, but then it did it again. so i was checking the sound and in the sound properties i clicked on my speakers and it works, so now the Power DVD 10 and Win 7 has no Delay it plays normal. which i am glad now because i can watch the movie in high definition. i was really happy the way it works, but i can't view on on my monitor because i get an error that says i have to be connected to HDMI connection. so ill see what i can do about that but for now i am glad that my cyberlink powerdvd player is working find i really hated to see the playback slow it was like watching a picture slideshow not a movie it was like Extreme slow-motion without sound when playing DVD on my blue ray player i was starting to think i was going to return it but im glad it works now