The 300zx is one of Nissan's most iconic sports cars. It was affordable and it offered many sporty features which were included is super cars a the time of the manufacturing. Hence the 300zx was very successful in America. Today, the legacy continues and like many Z32 enthusiast, our cars are getting old and need constant maintenance and repair. Many of these owners like myself have taking on ourselves to fix than rather than taking them to the dealer or to a specialized imports only shop. So how do you remove a transmission from your 300zx?

I have a 1996 300zx Non-Turbo with a 5-speed manual transmission need to remove in order to change the clutch. The process for removing and installing a manual transmission or an automatic transmission for a 300zx is not so complicated. but the automatic transmission requires more time since you have to disconnect the fluid lines. The best advice you can get is SAFETY. a lot of things can go wrong if you don't take safety seriously. according to the manual, you have to do this:


When removing the transmission assembly from engine, first remove the crankshaft position sensor (OBD) from the assembly. Be careful not to damage sensor edge and ring gear teeth.

  • Remove exhaust tube.
  • remove support bracket from M/T assembly
  • Remove control rod from control lever.
  • Remove propeller shaft.
  • Insert plug into read oil seal after removing propeller shaft.
  • Be careful not to damage spline, sleeve yoke and rear oil seal when removing propeller shaft
  • disconnect backup lamp switch, neutral position switch and vehicle speed sensor harness connections.
  • Remove clutch operating cylinder from transmission
  • Support manual transmission with a jack.
  • Remove rear mounting bracket.
  • Lower manual transmission as much as possible.
  • Remove transmission fixing bolts.
  • Remove transmission from engine.
  • Support manual transmission while removing it.

Bolt Installation - tighten all transmission bolts:

  1. 39-49
  2. 39-49
  3. 39-49
  4. 29-39
  5. 39-49
  6. 29-39
  7. 39-49

The hardest thing to do is to remove the top bolts, circled in this picture, but i was able to remove mine

Here is another picture. i used this picture on how to remove a transmission on a 300zx

Here is the front view when i had it removed. removing it is very easy. the installation part was the most difficult. but installing one takes about two days to complete the whole process.