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i am interested in starting a gallery of my culture. i know alot of my friends are spanish but some dont believe that we have European looking people in south america
i've heard that there are alot of latin women that look white. i mean they are blond and have white skin? is that true?

where i live, there's not much diversity, its mostly white poeple, a few black people. there's a spanish tv channel and they show this fine women models which look like white people, but they speak spanish, its weird, ive never seen any latina girls which look white. if you are a latino girl who looks white, i would really like to see you, can put post your pictures here please. i know, i may sound like a jerk, but i don't mean this in any bad way, its just its not common where i live. so please let me see how you look if you are a latina girl.
most people of the middle east are also causasian- unless they have black in them.

and other than argetina, most of south america is indigenous. hello? in puerto rico there aren't even any tainos (the natives of the carribean). the majority of puerto ricans, and cubans for that matter have mostly european ancestry. dominicans are the exception because they have haiti nest to them.

bolivia (which is in south america) has the most indigenous population in our hemisphere. peru is also predominantly indian. many people don't even speak spanish in those coutnries and in ecuador. brazil has the amazon and has a lot of black mixed in their population, except for in the south.

central america is also predominanlty indigenous. hello? again, there are many people in nicaragua, honuduras, belize, panama, mexico (!!) that dont even speak spanish, they speak the native language of their region

the person who wrote before me doesnt know what they are talking about.
also, medium complexion does not mean that they are not caucasian. maybe you are thinking arian?

there are only 3 classifications of humans- mongolian (the peoples of asia, and also the natives of the americas), caucasian (europe and middle east), and negroid (africa).

the reason why people in the carribian are black are because they have slave african ancestry, and brown either because they are mixed or they have taino. but many are mostly european.
*ha i meant mongoloid (wow)
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i am hispanic, my family history is native american and spanish through and through. i am lighter than my caucasian husband with jet black hair (naturally). its all in the genes people. seriously, get over it. i have met mexicans with colored eyes and golden hair also, and they got it from their grandparents.
i was answering the others, but yes. there are plenty of people out there that are hispanic that look white. i dye my hair lighter colors sometimes and my family says i look white. even my cousins vary in skin tone, some are as light as me and some could be almost a bright black. even hair, one of my male cousins gets bright red hair in his beard from his dad. hair color varies from brown, red, and black. some have curly and others have straight. anyways, its all genetics in other words. also, of course hair, eye and skin color can change naturally in time. my hubbie had blond hair and blue eyes up until he was about 3 and when they shaved his hair its been brown and his eyes turned brown over time also. so , when we have kids there is a possibility of one of our children having colored eyes even tho we both have brown. i will go ahead and stop there. hope this helped.
wow, you are beautiful. how can i meet a woman like you?
my 22 year old gf is mexican/el savadorian and very light skin but tans in the sun. i don't know the word for it but she has black on some of the circle of skin that surrounds her n i p s. maybe 15/20 % of this skin is black. she has long full straight black hair, except for coloring, and brown eyes. she is out of this world but takes one hour every morning to do her hair/makeup.
i have a 40 year old all mexican brown skin friend born in california that turns almost black after 3 weeks on the beach in cabo, but he has the darkest blue eyes you have ever seen. my wife, old enough to be his mother, loves him.
i am a "white" latina chick. my whole life i have been asked what am i instead of how am i. i have finally just stopped answering the question. i of course being raised in california have a "commercial" look but was recently told i was a liar about being hispanic. i literally was floored and came to the internet to see if there was other people out there that experience this type of sterotyping. thanks for posting his site.
look at cameron diaz she is latin and she looks white to me...
responding to the last girl who left the last comment, i know how you feel i have been raised in the u.s. all of my grown life. people have said the same thing about me(called me a liar) but alot of people think if you don't have brown skin you could not be latin. people are so shallow and uneducated.(lol)¡manténgalo señoras verdaderas y tenga su orgullo de latina alta!
i cant believe how ignorants are north americans!even having mexico next to you!!oh my god ...but it;s allways been this way, and is so complicated to educate and teach a whole nation about something that you should've' learned since school!!america is not a country is a big continent..right? the first people in america were indians,then the europeans get into our continent..and there, you are different races apart the original indians..right?.. indians,the same in usa as in all latinoamerica...all of us including dear, come from mix races from europe or maybe one or two,or both,or etc..the difference from latinoamerica and usa is that the most predominant european race is spanish then french and italian,but there's more european races of course and the most predominant european race in usa and canada come firstable from "england" then irland etc.we dont need to have much culture to know it logicl and simple..i recommend you to red a little bit,even there's some books fromschool you may red so you wont show this big pic of you in a web site,then help the others north american citicens about this..i have nothing agaist you but you should help your self a little bit before to make this kind of unreasonable acts.thanks to read,and have good day
in all america continent there's indians then europeans..not only in usa and canada is in latinoamerica i mean the whole american continent
im mexican...all america continent is a product of indians african and mix races from europe
i live in washington state and i'm putero rican

im light-skinned mexican and its true some mexicans do look just white and speak spanish . its kind of confusing . but people and my school just think im white because im light and i only know a little bit os spanish . i tell im mexican some of them dont believe me . but some of them see my mom and know and think its cool .
r u serious, you need to travel a bit more go to guadalajara mexico listen to thwm speak span ish that area it's full of white mexicana or pay more attention to people's last name. cameron diaz is a perfect example of a blonde latin girl, try googleing valeria maza, a blonde latin super model, rita heyworth a hollywood actress from the 40's, also the brunette who played wonder woman on tv.
i am going to say that i have to agree with "suzette".

i don't know how much "nycman" knows about latinos in the us, but most of the latinos that live here are not from the caribbean. the few places where you will see large groups of caribbean latinos are on the east coast, namely in larger cities like miami, new york, and chicago; although many live in larger proportions in states like new jersey and new york. the lragest group of latinos found in the u.s. are, however, from mexico. california, the state with the most people, is overwhelmingly mexican (about 50%). there are mexicans as well as other central and northern south american latinos throughout the united states (even though those groups are significantly smaller). the rest of the southern american latino populations can be found in larger groups in miami, new york, los angeles, and san francisco; but do not account for a large percentage of the latino population in the us...
the caribbean latinos that immigrate to the us, moreover, leave their home countries for a variety of reasons, some not affiliated to economics at all. sorry nycman. cubans, for example, come to the united states with the highest levels of education and with valuable career skill sets (due to their culture's high regard for education and the free education they receive in cuba). their motive for leaving the island is actually political. most seek asylum in the u.s. as political refugees and--partially a result of earning their green card so easily--having the highest per capita income out of all the latino "sub-groups", meaning the are the latino ethnicity that makes earns the most money as a whole. another caribbean latino group, puerto ricans, are very different...
although they have direct and easy access to the states, their country does make higher education as accessible and neither high-paying middle class jobs nor lower-skill jobs that pay decently are as available as in the us. many immigrate to better their lives economically (in contrast to the cubans, whose incentive is fundamentally political).

mexicans, furthermore, are also motivated to immigrate by economic factors. the education system in mexico is appalling and the jobs available pay a pittance. as a result, a huge part of their population either moves to the us or is hired seasonally in the us and are forced to travel to and from their home country multiple times a year. for the mexican, however, it is more difficult to make a living here because, unlike the cuban, they are not offered a green card when they step on us soil and, unlike the puerto rican, cannot travel legally between nations...
thus, the mexicans cannot even apply for a job where having a social security number is necessary, and are hence forced to work the most menial and low-paying jobs available. it should come to no surprise that the mexicans traveling to the us for work are largely undocumented and come here because they have neither the education necessary to work a job with a livable salary nor the money to build their own business in their home country. most of the immigrants from central america and northern south america fit this same profile; although many of them might illegally come to the us due to civil strife, war, changing political policies, etc... that have arisen in their home countries...
now, to the real issue at hand. to the dude who wrote this comment, i feel sorry for you, my friend. wherever you live is definitely culturally deprived of the awesome traditions, arts, literature, and foods of latin america! having said that, the latin ethnicity is so amazing because its people come from all walks of life, with different histories, and in all colors.

even though you'll ind asian and middle eastern caribbean latinos, most are either white (yes, many even have light eyes and blonde hair!), black, or mulatto (an archaic term still used in latin america to label people who are half black-half white). the dominican republic, however, is largely of african descent. the reason for the mix is because most of the caribbean latino countries were taken over by the spanish who brought slaves with them from africa to cultivate the "new" lands. most national caribbean folklore holds that the natives were killed off or committed suicide and that no one can claim native blood.
in mexico and most of central and northern south america, nonetheless, the spaniards left many natives, whom they called the "indios" (a term still used today, but with a racist tone), alive. at some point, spaniards mixed with the natives and created the "mestizo" population (a somewhat racist term of people that have white spaniard blood as well as native blood). most mexicans are considered mestizos, although there are those that still claim and look as if they are from pure white spaniard bloodlines. most of the people who come to work in the us, however, are mestizo. do i really have to explain? historically, the darker you are, the lower on the food chain you are and, over the generations, the wealthier, lighter people continue to accumulate money while the poorer, darker ones get poorer...
many central and south americans can still trace their roots back to their "indio" heritage while others still live in their indio villages. do not be mistaken though! there are still many a central and south american whom claim--and look like--they are of white blood.

argentineans, for the record, tend to be lighter. brazilians are a large mix!! but remember, most white and mulatto brazilians have portugese (not spanish) heritage.

in the end, why is anyone surprised that latinos aren't all like george lopez? even if you live in a small, po-dunk town, you should know better. and, even more importantly, who cares? i've written a freakin' history book on this website, but it really doesn't matter 'cause race is just something that further divides latinos as an ethnicity and culture and pushes us to be further exoticized by our "american" and "legitimate" caucasian neighbors. what is race, anyway? the lines are so blurred, do we even need it anymore?
to destiny and tavita...
in euorpe i really dont think we'd question your ancestry or heritage since you seem to be latin european, where people come in all different eye and hair colours..with some being more dominant than others........
in the us, people of native american (of many sub-groups) are seen to be termed as having a hispanic or latin look..even though it doesnt even mean a race...infact i dont know your heritage but the usage of the terms latin and hispanic should only really be reserved for people that have ancestry from spain, particulary hispanic since its origins are in the roman name hispania. as many people are only of german, italain, french ancstry from a latin american country. its very blurry usage of the terms in the us..

some (google them) native white puerto ricans...ingrid marie rivera, karla monroig, ricky martin and his twin boys, pedro resello (puerto rico's exgovernor, infact most), many cuban's like andy garcia.. mex-paulina rubio, salma hayek etc.
hahahahaaha! Andrew- vicente fox, shakira, fidel castro r not white, they are mix, just as most people from the American Continent are- the majority of the people in Latin America and North America are mix, none of you are pure European- People read your history, you can have native blood, and you can come out light skin or dark skin. hahahahaah! Man I don't know why so many people are a shame of their native blood and there are some of you who even have african blood--- I have native blood and european blood, but I'm not brown nor white, I'm bronze- there are people who have black great grand parents and come out white, it's true, and sometimes they deny it, until a son of theirs comes out black.
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Im PuertoRican 100% My Dad has red hair and blue eyes and is also Puertorican. My mom is also very light with straight jet black hair.
Your funny yes.I am a white pr male with blue eyes and my family are all white so are my cozens.I have met a lot of pr like that.It is extremely hot.exotic but not unusual in pr.I have met some with blue eyes and white skin and black hair.There is a lot of that on the island.We are a mix of taino Indian and Spanish from spain.And some African.It depends on the family history.

All Puerto Ricans.
Miss PR 1993.
www4.pictur en Espanol Celebrates 12th Annual 50 AtZVewrOqxGl.jpg

Miss PR 2008.
cache.dayli PR 2010.
prdaily else to upload photos?.
Here are afew people native to Puerto Rico. Dayanara torres, Ingrid Marie Rivera, Mariana Vicente and Musician Kany garica.
These are just a few people born in PR.....hope the photo works.
I am mexican and my grandfather was really dark and my grandmother is really light skinned with green eyes.My mom and my sisters and I,we look white and people look at us like we are crazy when we speak fluent spanish.I was born and raised in cali and so was my mom and my aunt and uncles.
Here are just a few people born in Mexico. You asked for only women so here you go.
Ana de la Reguera, Paulina Rubio, Laura Flores and Edith González.
Are you serious ? this is such a dumb thread.. there is so many white looking latin people...
It is a dumb thread. You can't just look "white" by accident. If you look White it's because you have European genes. Doh! Hence they are White. Latin or Hispanic is not a race. It just refers to language and culture. You also have Black Hispanics like Celia Cruz. In fact there are a lot of Blacks in Latin America. I guess that comes as a surprise too.
ussually are white... i mean, in the city, you can find more evolved women... in the farm then youll find the other...
Latin or hispanics describes a culture NOT a race. Any person can be of latin culture.
For example, most people in Argentina,Uruguay and southern part of Brazil and of course Spain and Portugal are white or of European descent.
MOst Mexicans are white and native Americna indian mixes called mestizos.
While, most carribean hispanics such as Puerto Ricans, Cubans ans Domincians are mix of white,indian and black.
Can you please tell me where are you from, because i live in New Jersey, my mom is cuban and my dad is south american, he was light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, my mom is light skin and brunette with light brown eyes which makes me look like a total irish looking girl, lmao...feel free to check my pics out on myspace dot com /kubavenec and tell me what you think have fun, lol
How come Central and South American countries when it comes to showing off their best looking females (youtube or photos) always show off women who are obviously part European, hence the blue/green eyes and blonde/light hair. They hardly ever show off the females who are actually natives with the familiar dark hair and eyes, or dark skin. It's always the european ones, or the ones who happened to be born with blue eyes (because of race mixing), these countries show off. Is it more attractive to have lighter features, than to have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and olive skin (some casese brown skin)? Does anyone else see this?
RE;(How come Central and South American countries when it comes to showing off their best looking females (youtube or photos) always show off women who are obviously part European, hence the blue/green eyes and blonde/light hair.) For the same reasons here in United States until may be early '90, you wouldn't hardly see T.V. adverts, soap operas best selling movies, etc. portraying anything else but white folks, in general...while racial profiling any other minority group. Portrayed with old fashion roles, for many years, Latinos has been characterized as servant and Tugs, black as well, Asians, Hindus as uneducated but easily exploitable, Eastern Europeans particularly females as love slaves and the list goes on and on. Ignorance have been the mother-load or the root of this evil, for many years this problem has been a sort of a Taboo and its Invisible to the typical White American population. Ask any good minority friend, privately with proper fashion, you'll see how it would steer your answer to a similar conclusion... the problem is obviously not invisible to them. Ads and media has been bias for a long time, Barbie and Ken, teaching kids what beautiful... there are many twist on this topic, I'm sure if you look deep enough in the whole wide web, you may find some really interesting answers. Now, in the case of Central and Latin America, white or light skinned Latinos/as are the minority with the exception of Argentina yet News and Media mostly portrayed by European decent Hispanics and favored over deep Mixed looking Latinos. Record Companies, News and any other Media favor these particular Blends as they approach the common views of what is beautiful. Owners of the Media are mostly White looking; these folks are minority in Latin America but won't support any multi racialism on T.V. etc. because racism is more intensified by the media they own, while ppl seem to be accustomed to it. In conclusion, while there is a problem portraying or promoting multiculturalism in North America, it has slowly becoming dormant (won't go away) as invisibility is no longer apparent, groups like NAACP brings this to attention, statistics show more and more multi racialism so trends have slowly shifted, the problem is likely to persist in this South American countries for far more longer while Ignorance, Bigotry and Racism persist... accepted as the norm ;/
The reason why latin american cultures show white actors is simple. The same goes for any country which has had western influence or IS western in culture..
It is simply impossible to have a western culture without white/european people.
The less european a country gets in its people.. the less western it becomes...Why is the US, Canada and Australia western in culture?...becouse they all had massive european immigration and formed the vast majority of the population to become a westrn culture...

So western identity IS a european one..particuly western european roots......In Latin America its not the color of thier skin thats dominant its their culture....even if they share the same landmass with other ethic racial groups.

This can be seen in the US too.
lol, I am 100% mexican and have White pale skin. Mexicans come in different color. we arent all tan
well im a light skinned latin person and let me tell you not all maxicans a re dark they usae to aske me if i was white and i said no im mexican but my familey decends from spain so i guess thats why:)
Obviously, I do not have anything close to blonde hair but I have very pale skin. I also have very light freckles throughout my nose & cheeks XD I am 100% hispanic but with some european decent and most people can never guess my ethnicity. I guess I like looking a bit different. A nice change =) My fiance is caucasian and he is about a shade or two darker then me. Lucky for him, he can tan all he wants and I am not able to do so lol
omg.whites are dumb.theres white skin latins in every latin race.cubans are mostly white with green and blue eyes.
i want to get to know ya.
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