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these are some really good advise for finding out what do Filipino women find attractive in a man. in my experience, these are some things Asian Filipino culture look for a good husband
my name is steve, and there's a girl that i like. she is from the phillipines and i want to know if anyone visiting this page can tell me what do filipina girls like in a guy? i really would like to impress this girl, she is so cute and hot at the same time, but she is very hard to get close to. so i wanted to know if there are any filipino girls here you can tell a shy boy like me how i can impress a filipina girl and what i can do to so she will llke me. what do filipino women want in a man?
like all filipinas, they are only interested in one type of guy. - white.

if you are a white caucatian guy, then your chances are pretty good, but if you're not, then good luck.

those girls are only interested in white guys. only the ugly filipinas will go for you, so if you say that this girl is cute, she'll most likely want a white guy for a boyfriend.
yup, you might be right. i've never though about this, but she hangs out with a bunch of white dude, i only see her with a filipino girl, i guess its her friend, but whenever she is with a guy, he's a white dude. no, im not white, i am dark skin. so you're saying filipina girls don't like guys with dark or brown skin...

isn't that racist though. then i don't think a filipina girl would be for me. that's too bad, cuz i consider myself as a nice quiet and responsible guy.
not all filipina girs are like that.. i guess it depends on her preference. i have a filipina friend who marries a black. i can't deny that most filipina likes a white guy maybe because they want someone who are opposite what they used to date but i cannot speak in general... because most of filipino women i know looks for the personality.
hi any girl from philipines i have made a female friend of philippine so how can i impress her i m from india will she accept me does a philippine girl like only white guys
helloo bro and sis , tell me what iam doing iam from india and i love a girl from philippines and b4 she told me mahal na mahal kita but as of now she is angry on me ..coz i'll told her b4 iam pilot ..coz iam apply for an officer of navy here as a pilot but iam not selected , then she think iam liar , tell me what iam doing i cant live without her . pls help me
well im filipina, and im datin a half mexican and half italian boy, well at first i thought he was white.
i like philippine girls realy
not all filipina gurls like white guys...u juss gotta stand out from the rest of those guys and juss be urself...and if u have game than that would help
hi thomas u should say sorry and tell her that u really love her and prove that if she ssys too and where is ur philipine girl live
hey guys, i don kno y u guys looking for other country gals. u get lotta gals in ur own country and about filipina gal like someone said they mostly stick to white guys coz most phil gals r from a poor background. one friendly advice to u guys, most phil gals play with ur heart. so, jus becareful.. and a best of luck..
hey DUDE excuse me but not all filipinos have poor backgrounds..coz in nay country u can find lots of poor people. Im living here in europe and i can see families here who doesnt have their own house and just expectin support from the councils. Oh well at least in philippines we can manage at least to build our own house even its only a small house but at least we can call it as our own. Dont judge us!
well guys.. im white and im a canadian. i went down to the philippines for 2 weeks visiting my step family in manila.then we went over to palawan and stayed at a resort at this resort i met the most beutiful girl. we got along soo well we have soo much incommon so at the end we ended up dating. im now back in canada. i miss her terribly but we are staying in touch.. i also am moving to the philippines next year for a year. which will make her really happy! i havent told her about the news.. because it s a surprise. i cant wait to tell her....i feel more at home i nthe philippines then i do here in canada. yes they're are rich and poor in the philippines and the houses the poor people can get up are little wooden houses i nthe woods not very stablefor a hurrican. my fmaily fortunatly is middle class which is tehcnically rich there.and my gf is middle class as well.alright well so you guys later.
Well, filipino girls are a real sucker for the cutesy flirt stuff. but then again, everyone is different, no matter the skin, so she could be into different stuff. the girl i'm dating, who is filipino, really likes old school sweettalk and likes to take things slow. I became real good friends with her, almsot best friends, before we actually started to date each other. Filipino girls do like white guys, yeah. but they also like asian guys (I'm korean and I've dated two filipino's and no they're not ugly. Whoever said only ugly filipinas date non-whites is a LIAR!!!) it depends, get to know her, and find out HER INDIVDUAL interests. not everyone is the same. :]
Most Asian Girls (All Asian Races Mostley) Will Go For The White Guys
well, steve, are you bald or some with? you have to impress a filipino girl, you have to have scruffy hair. it always works. like when i saw this girl fell in love with this 16 year old boy who had scuffy hair. and try to get close. try to sing a rap song too.she will fall in love with you. do you know the song replay? try to sing that.
hey, your question Steve is really interesting.
i leave in philippines, and consider myself as pure filipina although im a mixed of filipino and spanish, that belongs to a middle class family. with regards for those who says only ugly filipina talks brown man or an asian guy or even an indian it's ALL A BIG LIE! besides not all filipina were from poor background; try to visit some city/places and well prove u wrong. also philipines were a mixed of blood so expect to see some filipina woman looking like chinese, korean, western etc.
u cant judge a whole group by focusing on one individual...
as for me i have htis idea of finding a "DTH:" guy meaning [dark, tall,handsome]
which for me best fits on indian guys.
i have dated many but i make frnds to a guy frm india

Regarding on how to please a filipina, you should have an
-open character
-tell her that u like her; coz must tend to be hard to get
-show her ur unique personality
-maybe appreciates things that she likes
-just make her special; [i know guys were to good for it]
-dont be a corny type of guy
-[most filipina would appreciate things when done with effort]
hi maya, ,i like ur comments.. well its been good to know u've a friend from indian.. shal i make friendship with u ? if yes reply ,e in my email thanks dear take care
hi guys,well i'm pilipina but dosn't mean i dont like the guys dark skin i my self dosn't matter for me if the guys white or dark or brown skin for me anythig its okey,atleast he is good for me and kind and he can accept what i am and he can respect me.pleas who wants to email me this is my Ad Email,samrah989 - at - google mail
well. I'm a filipina. and sure i like white guys but not most of the time. you chances are big if you are filipino, smart funny and looks decent enough. ( there's this guy in my school who's filipino. he isn't that smart but he's funny and cute which gave him a really big advantage to me liking him. so basically be nice. funny smart and cute and you'll be fine.
I am a Filipino-Chinese girl who was born and raised in the Philippines. I have to say that not all Filipino girls are the same. You can't just put them in one category. There are some Filipino girls who put themselves out there. They are very outgoing and daring. On the other hand, there are also Filipino girls who are very reserved. Maybe this Filipino girl you have in mind fits into this classification (as you have stated that "she is very hard to get close to.") She is probably shy or not ready to be in a relationship. Sad to say, some Filipino girls are particular about race. It is instilled in the minds of most Filipinos that lighter skin is better. In the Philippines, there is this craze over skin whitening products to make the skin complexion lighter. As you can see, Philippines was colonized by Europeans for centuries. Colonial mentality is still a main issue. The beauty standard in the Philippines equates to lighter skin, sharp nose, and dolly eyes. I have a cousin who married an African-American, and my relatives in the Philippines are embarrassed by it. I know it is a racist thing to do, but sometimes it is hard to change people's views if they are adamant about it. Even worse, some Filipino parents don't even want their daughters to marry Filipino boys or anyone who is Asian. I don't know why. My guess is probably related to physical appearance. For instance, my parents always tell me that I should marry a Caucasian doctor. It has to be Caucasian so my children will have a unique look which means lighter skin, sharp nose, and dolly eyes. Sounds silly, right? Steve, don't give up. Even though she may hang out with white boys, it doesn't necessarily mean that she wants white boys. Looks fade over time. If you have a respectful and caring personality, then there is a chance that she will like you. All you need is the time and confidence to change her views.
my name is josh. I am into Filipino men and women. Ay takers.
Well, I'm a filipina, to tell you guys, we really love those men who knows how to respect his girl. We are serious when we know that a guy loves us, will be loyal and knows how to treat a woman well. For those who judged Filipinas, you just don't have the right to say any single word. You can find cheaters, and even losers in any part of the world. Filipinas are worth loving for.
I am a filipina...but I agree with some of the girls above...not all filipinas prefer white men...me I prefer brown or dark colored men...never been attracted with an american...anywayz color is not important...as long as he loves me...truly and accepts me as what i am, faithful to me, and will stand with me wherever we go, then we'll be fine...
Everyone seems to forget a girl is a girl first, then from where they are ( CULTURE ) and then ethnicity ( Asian ) For me I met a girl online who just happens to be from the Philippines, she is smart, and sweet. She is my soulmate, I will be going to Visit her in June and to meet her family also, I am going to ask her to marry me, because she is sweet and smart and we have chemistry, I cant even imagine how wonderful it will be to actually be together, we chat, we facbook, we text, we talk, even skype too. But Like I said she is a girl first and all girls want love to be made to feel special, to be loved and cared for, that's all. Be yourself, be honest, be funny and be true. Love is not a intellectual thing, it is a bunch of things all wrapped up in one great big emotion. I love her :)
since im filipina , what we like is a smart guy , good looking , responsible, knows how to cook, respectful , honest and he's the one whos paying for date's or sometimes us . lol :D if yuu need help just to get taht girl ask mee.. don't be shy . lol
I'm filipina too, I like honesty, sincerity, caring,affectionaty in a guy which I find in one PAKISTANI Guy Ali. He is Marketing Director in Paris. Ali I Love you very much.
hello steve hru...i have read ur prob and think deeply. give me her email id i can make very good this matter for you...if u trust and u want him.
Hi Steve, how u going? I read your msg. and it's really nice to know that you like this filipina girl;-). I'm a filipina/spanish/chinese girl who's born n bred in the Phils. If you'd like to ask me how to court a filipina girl, then well, just be yourself, and show how sincere yout intentions are. Most girl (not just filipina) likes a guy who'll make them laugh,a gentleman (who'll open d door for them,reponsible and trustworthy. Someone they can lean on when they're down and need a bit of a pat on the back and will let them know that everything's gonna be alright. Well, if you need some more advice just let me know and I'll try my hardest to help u out. All d best... Takecare ;-)
Steve, most filipinas are looking a guy who are sincere,honest and patience..cos we cant deny that filipino guys are really different to other nationalities the way they are courting and most of the time that is the way that we are wishing for to a particular guy...
Hey Steve, i am a white guy dating a Filipina now, and i must tell you i am the happiest men in the world. If you want to date this girl, be gental to her, ask her what she likes to do, learn some tagalog, for example if you need to greet her, call her maganda. Filipina girls love to be called pretty, same as other chicks. Be greatfull to her, always say thank you, or Salamat. And if she tells you that, say Walang anuman, or you welcome. Try to impress her by being smart,the filipina's like that. Good luck to you and i hope everything will work out for you.
well steve i just saw this thread while browsing the net and its kinda funny cause i am a filipino and just to tell you the truth for me there is no difference between the filipina, caucasians or black women they are all the same it is just the color and the culture, and by the way steve if you really like that girl just show her and tell her that you like her give a lot effort cause girls likes that make her feel very special and before i forget some of the filipina likes tall dark and handsome guys and some likes white tall and a badass but just to tell you steve evey girl wants a bad boy that is only good to them just like us we like good girls that are only naughty to us hahahaha... just be sincere, honest, caring, thoughtful, funny and give a lot of effort

filip loves men who has a lot of sense of humor

and steve its not about the raise or the looks like mine my GF likes chubby , dark tall guy but look at me i am tall, skinny, and has an american blood but now were happy and our relationship is now 9 years and i still love her and i am sure that she still loves me

good luck man!

Talk to them in their language!
If you like the girl just get her.but first you must be friend with her second just say to her you like her.....
hi friends filipino girl see only your money ok. she have dosent matter ur ugly or handsome if ur rich and full loded pocket.she suck yr money. philippines is one type of woman country, u just give dinner to girl and get that girl,girl try to find rich man if ur 80 yers old filipino girl and her family have no problem but is must u have money.berother is drop his sister to yr hotel if ur rich.this is philippines. if your girlfriend is filipino then take care your self and your pocket tooo.
i am a chinese born in Indonesia, having a philipine wife. At 1st i dont really like to have a pinay gf and it never came into my mind b4. One day, a girl working in Dubai msg me and told me how she admired me. I didnt react at all. i know she is really beautiful but the ways she dressed and naughty pics attached really made me sick.
but she kept making me so sure that she is really a good girl and could soften my heart then.
I told her what i didnt like and she chatted me so warmly. She taught me so many things and it made me decide to fly to philipines to meet her. she picked me drom the airport, hugged me and slept on my laps during an hour long journey by bus and held my hands. She really made me feel young again (i m 50s and she is 20s). She led me in the house and served me as her own part of life. She is so proud introducing me to anyone around, calling her friends and siblings to come and to meet me. The whole family were happy when i started to cook for them, bcs it's my hobby and i like to entertain everyone in that way. within 3 days the people in the whole purok (compound) know me well and we did a lot of social activities everyday.
she and her whole family made me feel at home, so i didnt have to tell what my purpose to visit them then. She had proudly told her father and whole members of family since she chatted with me and all ran so smooth. I could tell you then...it depends on you yourself how you can treat a girl very well and make her be so proud of you.
Just try tp prove that you are a real good guy and having good intention to make her your future queen of your life.

keep trying steve...never give up
How to impress Filipina women: Visit her family and make friends with her relatives and siblings,learn about filipino culture, learn filipino romantic languages like " I miss you, you're so beautiful, i love you, i love your smile and etc." always act like a gentleman.
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