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rich wealthy arab man looking for white girl woman lady female arabian magnate
hi ladies, im a rich and wealthy arab man with too much time in his hands, i want to look for an american or european woman to company me in my lonely times. in return, i will give you treasures from your wildest dreams. i have tried to look for a good woman, but i have not found one so far, finding a perfect woman is very hard in where i live and its time for me to start enjoying life with a beautiful and attractive women who wants everything in life.
id like to see what lies within your heart not your money are u honest, do you love one woman only uncontionaly,are u looking on the outside or looking within ones heart..bonita
Hello, I am from Canada, with Russian Backgrounds, 24 y/o, educated, interested in politics, economics, law.. my height is 5.7, i love travelling especially Asia and Middle East. Waiting for your reply:)
dear hadisha
its me haroon from pakistan and have traveled a lot in russia particularly in siberia if you are serious just contact me at sungtti - at - yahoo! or cell = zero --zero -nine -two -three -four -four -eight- four - nine -one-seven-three-three.
get in touch.
college grad. 23 years old. well traveled.
hello dear please contact me privately thanks.

love doesn't need to be perfect but true.
hello solistta

a you still up to meet a rich wealty arab. the last lady wast my time.
Hello. I am a white English girl with very long blonde hair and bright blue eyes and I am interested in meeting an Arab because I like Dubai men. I am very pretty and also wealthy too, but I am unable to find a suitable man in England as they do not live up to my expectations. Please get in touch.
i am what you need email me with vicky from dubai with love in london at the moment
hi i'm seriously the one no seriously! For Zero Seven Five Four Two Six Two Two Five Five Nine call me. x
hi iam 39 years old size 8 dress black hair,would be sure i could have good time with you.i think cash helps but family important to,if your interested get in touch x
Hi my name is rush 37 live in Seattle lets Tolkien
hi nice to see you may i contact you on cell phone.
U r so sweet..and I would like to know u more
hi angel i will like to be with u,in long and lasting relationship,hear is my email emeka10ng - at - Yahoo!
i am looking for decent and rich girl or woman spend my life with
plzzz contact me if u r a rich lady.....0092323-9090555....with luv
add me with that email i am reading
sure send me an email at reenemitchell - at - Google
hi how r u . i reed ur profile so i send message
i am a 34 year old female who would love to date some one 37 years and above
hi John are actively looking for love and love 44 years / / ionstate2012 - at - Yahoo! / / wait to know the love xxx
Your a gorgeous woman. I am very interested. my e-mail address is greg_sturdivant - at - Yahoo!
I am a girl, looking for a man for friendship, i will like you to mail back at favournhian002 - at - Yahoo! so that i can send you my pictures, and also tell you more about my self. i am waiting to see you mail in my box

Your Favour
love to hear from you soon my dear
hi there,am sachine single dad For Three For Three yrs old,never been married am from mauritius.looking for a stable relationship skype me as am not very often here on this site.\r\nmine is mohitOne Nine Eight For Zero One or whatsapp +Two Three For Zero Five Eight Two One Six Four Six For Zero or +Two Three For Zero Five Nine One One Two Four Four Three \r\nplz feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about my personality.
im an attractive 42 year old british lady, currently single, with a beautiful mixed race daughter. hoping to meet an arab gentleman to make our lives complete and happy.
hello all my name eg from egypt am single male 24 looking for meet true love i wish to found some love me want have builed famliy with me Y ID mr.eg29
hi i'm amy, 26, living in england. 5'5, long blonde hair blue eye.
its all aload of # manure # and u r being taken for idiots.
Hello dear respected friend! How are you? No reply,hmmmmmmmmm. I am sad. Never mind.I hope, ur gooooooood:-). I thought, just to say hello to you. I am sorry i can not put my picture on the public website like this. But i don't mind getting to know you as a person. It would be nice if we can swap pictures through your personal email and may be we can try 'Skpye chat' where we can see each other or may be we can hear each others voice first.I promise you, i will not show you my face if you didn't like my voice.. Lol..On a serious note,I would like to know who i am talking to. That's all . This platform is not good to talk personal things you see.I am sure you will agree with it.
Anyway, take the best care of your self. Be good, be happy and don't forget keep smiling while your searching your 'Love one'. If its not me then 'God' Must have thought better for me:-).
Tc. x.
Hi dear respected friend! I forgot to ask one thing. Will ur advert expire after meeting me? Lol-:). Coz it was made in 2007. After 6 years ur still looking for ME.:-). It shows! Ur drive , passion to achieve things and determination to find your inner self. As, what we are,we always want to see out reflection in others. When we dont get that in that person.We start expecting this from a different person.I wish ,you a good luck to find the right one . Ameen.x And pray for me too to find 'King of my heart.' Because only one specaill one can rule my heart. Not every one! T.C.
Hi! Your looking for someone to share ur loneliness. And i am here thinking that after all this comfort and wealth you couldnt no one fullfill that space in ur heart. It means u have not met ursoulmate yet. I have the same space in my life. And i do not trust men out there. I live with it. But i am waiting fir that speciall one. Who deserve to have me. As, i have it all what any msn can dream of. But i am not perfect. Only Allah is perfect. Im only a human being who is a God fearer and have only love to give. You will not be disappointed to meet me for sure! But i also have standared. I dont fall just for money. Spark has to be there. I would like to get to know you as a person if u feel the same.I will be waiting to hear from you ! Good things come with nice surprises.I will not tell u anything about me yet. You have to find me!!!
helo im jean from philpines, im not beautiful but im good person and im still vrgin lady at 23, i hope u will like me..thanks, add me in fb, mimi_dem89 - at - Yahoo!
hi i,m looking to have good times i also speak arabic if you are up for it contact me on my e-mail yaasmiina11 - at - hot
Hi Mr. Wealthy Arab. I read your short profile and i would love to get to know you better. I am not a white female i am Somalian so i hope i can top what you are looking for. I am very fun, happy girl age 22 and i am currently studying Bio-medical Science, so i have got brains as well as beauty. If u like me so far u would love me when we meet.
hi i will really like to know you more.
guy i nid ur help ooh pls if u can help me god will bless u abundantl;y
hello love to be your girl friend write me back i will reply you with my pictures

This is Syed From Karachi Pakistan 26/m. Please i am looking for real ARAB Investers to make my Small Bussiness grown up please i am realy looking forward from help of my real Arab Business persons. I just want some Arab Investers those who can invest a huge amount on my business please.

Contact Details:
Name: Syed
City: Karachi
Country Pakistan
Age: 26 Male
Cell # *************** S s y e d F a h a d _ 8 6 - at - ho S a m.F i s h e r 1 9 8 5
write me if there is anyone who can invest some amount in my buisness. Pleasee

My cell # is incorrect here so the right one is For Zero For Zero Nine Two -Three Three Four -Three Two One Eight Nine Two Two
Hello I am from Palestine Iyad 30 Yrs in beautiful and attractive you are very beautiful I hope that Ttwasali with me on Emily's and I really like to marry majeklov
please help me Nine One Nine Four Five One Zero Four Six Nine One Nine Three Six Eight
i am 30 years old, i want to speaking widh you, because i want to make sure you real and know you,
at any rate, i am vere special women, i am love vere mach dance and i know dance bali dancing, i good women which the life no smiler to me and i want somebody special outside and inside, who can make sure you always be happy, have fun together, but, before this i want to speek wide you in phone, you vere surprise,,,tria and no regret
send me email and continue speek
my email is: karings2011 - at - gma
Im 35 years old, I would like to meet u, I'm a not bad looking, how about u?
i miss you u love me my no For Zero Eight Four Nine Four Nine Nine Nine Seven Eight Four
I definitely want everything I'm young attractive and ready to be spoilt rotten! Email me for more info madisonlewis23 - at - you know I intrigue you ;)
Hi, You sound like you need a friend. Well i have my own money so not looking to be friends because your rich. I have 3 very gorgious children. I own my own home. I like to have fun so email me. Hope to speek soon.
Hi am Sachine a Mauritian citizen,live in a very small Island called Mauritus Island a beautiful paradise where life is cheap and not expensive.And island where most investors owns there own villas on the marina. looking for seriouse relationship am a single dad of a small boy of 10 months.Am 31 yrs old ,would like to have mature & easy going women to have a seriouse relationship.Age does'nt matter as we love with our heart.

My msn:sach28 - at -
Hello; give me your time today.How was your day?,Mine is a little bit hot over here .How about your family not forgetting friends and work all together?hope all are okay.please bear with name is Faith,i wish we could be friends or something more,i will give my pictures and my details wen i receive a respond from you,thank and hope to hear from you soon. you can contact me with my id (faithtusharr - at - have a good day bye miss faith
hi. im a very attractive woman
Hello can you send me your photos to Wendy_Harris142 - at - Yahoo!
Hi, Mr Arab, Marhaba Allan va salhlan where do your live no send yourself with phone and email over soon monica
Hi am Sachine a Mauritian citizen,live in a very small Island called Mauritus Island a beautiful paradise where life is cheap and not expensive.And island where most investors owns there own villas on the marina. looking for seriouse relationship am a single dad of a small boy of 10 months.Am 31 yrs old ,would like to have mature & easy going women to have a seriouse relationship.Age does'nt matter as we love with our heart.

My msn:sach28 - at -
hi you live in dubai, if yes you can call me on this number Four Five One Zero Five Five -Five Three Four Five One Zero Four Five One Zero Six Three Four
..i will give you treasures from you wildest dreams..
Dear , My Contact -akkumho at yahoo dot co dot in .
With Lots Of Love & Wishes
Im looking for a gentleman.
Please write me and tell me what
You are looking for.
My name is Alea and I live in Sweden.
Best Regards
My email is; maelsa - at -
u r beautiful, add me on bb 28e1c35e, let me shw u hw pretty u r
hi i am looking for rich girl or lady please contact me markbanjar at hot mail com
first ur beutiful second ilike love
hello this is mark my email is mark cooper253 - at - Yahoo!.. you can contact me whenever you want..
hi where are you from? im 22 looking for nice gentleman x
Hello Dear, My name is Josephine, i read about you in site and i decide to contact you hoping that you will accept my request,if you accept my request ,please reply to my email address (josephine_adam so that i will send you my photo and more about me, i believe we can make good friends. Yours Lovely Josephin
Hello Rich, Are you still looking? If yes, conact me soon. I think I have what you are looking for. I am single, was told that I am very beauty and lovey. I am tall, long brow hair and hazel eyes. Nice body too ;)
hmmmm,good to hear,am sheilla from manchester new and work part -time in africa,tall and beautiful i like ur message thats why i replied u but the issue is that i do not need a man in my life because of money i need a man that would be there for me and wont make me cry in return i promise to be submissive if u fit into this category pls do cal meet me on facebook (sheilla oldhill).hoping to hear from u soon......thank u
salam brother, please help me brother, i am living in the uk with my family and mother and father and 3 kids, struggling to the extent that the mortgage company are ready to reposess my home and belongings, my mother and father are in there 70s, im divorced with my 3 beautifull kids, daughter 20 son 17 son 13, allhamdulillah to allah all mighty he has granted this family to me,
but some of our family members have abbused my fathers trust and ripped him off over the years for a lot of money. iknow money doesnt give you happiness but it helps brother.
im working in a restarant coffee shop, which only pays little.
i have let my family down, and sometimes wish i could just commit suicide.
anybo listening thats wealthy beyond there wildest dreams, please give the needy like me even as zakat, i will accept, in the name of my family.....
ja allah
um I don't no what I say , but i wish إن شاء الله one day you prove it.
Hello Mr wealthy arab man, u sound to good to be true, whats the catch? Would be of interest to ' hook up '. I'm from England and come with sense of humour, pleasant disposition and enjoy a cultured mans company, so long as he makes me laugh. Anyway, good luck in your quest, even if its not me.
Hello kind sir, I am a beautiful young girl who lives in the US. I am eighteen years old, and i am looking for a man to accompany or meet with to make him feel very happy and pleased. I am very gorgeous long black hair medium skin big gray eyes nice body 5'5.. I'd love to share pictures with you. Anyhow, please write back as soon as possible if your interested =) have a nice day, respectable sir. <33
I am looking for a wealthy woman for a long term relationship. I am biloveual and very romantic.
yes i would like to meet you
i like and love you if you are serious contact me on +Nine Two Three Four Five One Zero Four Five One Zero Three Five Two Eight One Five Four Five One Zero or email me on alrazzaq_advertisers - at - Yahoo! or skype id for discussion alrazzaqadvertisers,Karachi Sindh Pakistan
salam aleykum I am just a simple muslim women , looking a marriage with a good person.......
cntect me on ths nmbr For Zero Three Two One Seven Two For Zero Six One Three Three .thank you
I agree money is not everything ..
Hi I am Radiya...I am 22 years old..Gorgeous with lovey body...I m looking for a nice husband just like You..Please...g me back soon...Ok..Much love dearr Lovveee
I am a 38 year old american girl. Money is nice, but what I would want really is just a maid. I don't much like house work,it isn't my thing. I would like to share my life with someone I can love and he will love me back without beating me or brabbing my throat forever. Thats all I want... <3 <3 <3
GIRLS just wake up! Money ll never make us happy!!
Hi , i am from Slowakia , i am relly like meet whit u :) Please write me mail,i will send u photo. kiss
Why do you limit yourself to white women? Just a question. But trust me, once you go black, you will never go back!! Have you heard the saying "The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice'" ?
I'm interested in your words so tell me what to do to meet ??
i just want to know do u think of love cos ur not going to get it this way :(
well im lookin for a sugar daddy with lots of money i am young white and fun message me if ur intrested
send me your e-mail pls... i wanna get in contact with you
Please send me your contact details
im here for you...ive always wanted an arbic man to marry. im accustom to your life style and have gained a good bit of knologe from previous relationship with a a guy from pakistan. if intrested email me back and i will send you pictures and what not. and NO im not looking for money im looking for love, some one to love and to be loved...
I am an American woman wanting to marry a wealthy Arab male. I have lived in the Middle East, and am aquainted with many of your customs.
I would like to propose a business arrangement.
Y marry me, pay me an agreed upon amount of money and obtain your US citizenship.
A children from your current marriage, or previous marriage will be considered "Instate tuition" so you will avoid many problems dealing with them going to University in the US, and it will be much cheaper.
I am very beautiful,attra and kind qirl.I am able to do you happy
Dogs never bite me, just humans. Love traveling and photography, good food, seaside and treasures! From Rome/Italy and/or Germany... Blonde, creative, sensitive, sensual, fun loving, friends, sports and nature.
What about a beautiful lady in South Africa?
where in egypt are you from? im there also :)))
Moroccan Female 23 yo. Interested in your will not be disappointed.
Inerested about your offer.
Would luv to meet u!Live in South Africa im a young at heart and dont look my age.What r u waiting for? Ma se lame.
i need money im lady boy i need operation hahahhaha send me some money
Hi there. I am a British girl living in Egypt and can easily travel. I am seeking someone to give my time and passion to. If you're interested send me a message.
call me on +Four Five One Two Five Six Seven Five Four Five Five Eight Four Five One Two Eight Three and we get in touch
I am read for you I am in Amman Jordan I am 48 years old been in more than 18 countries in the world been in England an have South African nationality I know how to satisfy you darling please contact me
Hello how are u doing..................?My name is Derick Jerry from west Africa Ghana, missionary in the ministerial office....can we be friends for the start.......?.....Don't hesitate to write me on........hofthegospelofchrist - at - Yahoo!.........I want to know u so please write me......Thanx urs new friend......Derick Jerry.....God bless.....
AND I AM SEEKING A WOMEN PLEASE CONTACT ME MY OWN NO Four Five One Zero Nine Nine Two Four Five One Zero Three Four Five Five Eight Seven Six Two Three Three
Email me, very attractive lady seeking also seeking fun loving company
Im 18 white female. For more info please email me chineizeratz - at - ho
hello I m bushra in Pakistan karachi I want to find a arabic men b/c i m so hot Im beatiful, smart, if u want u can contact me , bcuz i need love too much , hot man , 25 years old
Hi Im latina I want to find a arabic men Im beatiful, smart, good modals, professional and very nice person if u want u can contact me
well i'm interested how can i contact u pretty latina
Hello I love your photo. I am a lovey 27 year old woman. I live in Summerfield, Florida. I am looking for a girlfriend. If your interested e-mail me at wendy_harris142 - at - Yahoo!
hello,you have a good look,contact,if you like.sincerly
Hi mail me will talk later i will give u my address i am staying in emirates hill.Bye
Hi and from me , I'm from East Europe , can say I look good , 175 cm tall -64 kg , blond hair and green eyes . If you're intresting call me . I'll stay in London in the next few mouths , I also undrestand that I can't wait from you the inpossible , but will be good for my daily live to have some financy support . If you want I can send you to your e-mail my personall e-mail . If you already find what you looking for . Then Best Wishes from me .
Hi beautiful. I shall be too interested to you. as you know I am an Indian executive of 45 year old, I like to travel, web surfing, watching t.v., Indian and Hollywood films, I don’t open the site regularly, hence you need to write to me only but don’t forget to attach your lovely clear pictures. if you have any barrier, hesitation or problem of exchanging pictures, please dont take trouble of writing back.
ratan dot chakraborty at raymond dot in
please send me a mail tru my private mail and iam going to shock you with nice stuff.doldridge seven seven seven at yahoo dot com
Send me an e-mail baby.. I would love to give you the excitement you need x

I am interested.
What do u think about me?
i am man from Yemen want make friendship with girls women please contact me , yesforyemen - at - hot mail
just i wanna romantic night with a rich man.
I work as head of dept in huge organisation I am looking for lady for all night have fun
OMG is this real? It can't be. Why would you a woman who wants you for your money?
I am looking for a man/lady who can come and help our pool needy children's by building per-unit/nursery in Kenya.
I am the founder of the reconciliation center in Kenya.
Hi, I would love to know more. I love Arab men . I a 27 yrs old, " 5 11" blonde hair blue eyes. I am a model. I won't post pics due to my exposure so please email me and I'll send some toy you!,
Hello,my name is Virginia . I live in US,but I was born and raised in Eastern Europe. I'm Three For Two years old, never been married and no kids. I'm attractive, but lonely in my life and looking for a devoted man. In return I offer to be faithful ,submissive , and grateful . I would send a picture by request.My email is djina_bb - at - Yahoo! or phone number Five Eight Six -Seven For Two For Two -Four Four Three Six .
Im looking for a rich wealthy Arab man who has time on his hands for me
hi am a good looking lady from nigeria and i need a man from other parts of the world for a serious relationship.
contact me on susanann452 - at - Yahoo!
I am a 28 y.o. blonde female looking also for a rich wealthy serious established man for marriage. I am very attractive, european and intelligent. Hope to hear from you soon :-)
I am a Man, Looking for Wealthy, Young & Beautiful Lady who willing to be My Girl Friend and Willing to Invest in Indonesia.
Indonesia have Million of Island / Coastal and Thousand Mine & Jungle ~ Very very Good for Investment in: Tourism, Mining, Plantations, Transportation's, Etc.
Interested please email to me: koco underscore gatot at y a h o o dot c o m.
I am 28 y.o. young female looking for a wealthy rich man who is serious and wants marriage. I do believe my soul mate may be somewhere looking for me so I decided to place this advert to help him find me :-). I am living in the UK and I don't mind if my perfect man could be from some other parts of the world. If you are looking for a bride and if you are established man please feel free to contact me :-) now. Many thanx
dont date some1 4 their money,bt for them.get it.
hai..... i am kamal patel from Gujarat.... i lost money in small business . so i require help to pay bank loan . can you help me?i do service . but cant able to fill loan payment with family take care. who any one came to me get help....
Hey arabic man, I am spanish and 22, very pretty.
give me ur email
lool u look like wanted pretty girl hahah
Hi...if you are still looking im a blonde, haired blue eyed cute and sassy Brit. Im 29 well educated, well travelled and well versed in Arab culture. and also looking for an Arab guy for good times, companionship maybe leading to more. ...I have my own money and a business based in the uk / dubai.

Ive previously lived in the gulf for 5 years and travelled across all of the GCC,(living and working in Saudi/UAE/Kuwait).

I am serious and if you can prove who you are and care to swap pictures I would be happy to chat

best wishes
hey . i am 23. living in uk. looking for a person to get along with and helping out and spending time. ive lived in dubai from past 12 years and have work back there.
Hi! I really think we need each other in our lives.. Sounds crazy maybe? But I can explain! But texting the whole explanation would irritate the f*** outta me, so I think u should just call me! And cuz ur a guy I better add ~> I'm not ugly or fat..OR a gold digging whore.. :-)
<Three Katrina
Seven Four Five One One Four Eight Seven Two Seven Two Two Four
Ole Kunta is a Kenyan Agency that deals with providing services to foreigners in Kenya which include: Home Placement-you are embedded with a local host family for your holiday; Decent Escorts - we provide male or female escorts for travel, leisure or pleasure. we even get for you an African bride for marriage. Visit:

We are looking for a wealthy Arab from middle East who we can partner with. He will bring to Kenya wealthy arabs and we take care of them
Hi, I'm Lithuanian 27 years old fun loving girl . U will never get bored with me :) x
i just can't believe what I see-are u ladies really so desperate-come one u not really believe this...?!!!!!!
hi, just looking for friendship that is way and fun, i am 23 and like to have fun
HI h r u i m imran wana friendship?
Hey, I'm looking for a gentleman ... So email me and we take it from there as I do not wish to post a photo here!
hi me via email...i'm beautiful european girl, from romania! we will speak more on email...blonda_bombalovexy - at - Yahoo!! kisses
hi babe i really want to live the experience to date with an arabic man and have a wonderful evening with you but i want you to be romantic and nice call me 0035796563984 iam a greek girl with brown hair and green eyes
I think god will send to us who he has planed in our lifes some of us made mistakes and wrong marrys but god knows our hearts and for gives us if pray so i think someday i will find my true heart
salam walikum
am from india very honest, am intrested in u, please reply
hallah hafiz
cast all kind of voodoo and spell with me...
Hello i am what you are looking for. contact me at Eight One Three Three For Zero Four Seven Four For Zero Six
please i want to run a business and i need financial support to start the the business.anyone interested should contact me via avevorr - at - Yahoo!
I am looking for a financially stable man, that is knows how to treat a woman right, and knows how to appreciate a beauty. A man that is knows what he wants and what he can give, and what he's expects...
Hi am shivanandini from India,I would like to meet you
Hi I just turned 21 years yesterday and I'm a really pretty young lady. I would like to sell my virginity to a nice and financially secured man. I guess it will be an interesting adventure for both of us. So if you're interested in it, please contact email irissteel - at - mail dot com
hi my name is M.Waqas single, 29, pk, manager in financial organization. my yahoo id is muhammadwaqasali786 please add me and start conversation.
hello iamlike u send ur cell number
Hi I am dorela,I am 21year old,I am a beautiful girl,I am a dancer.I want to know you
man usually wants a women so they can stuff her vagina, with his private, all day and night, but, love is usually unpleasant to woman, safe love by condom, makes the taste of rubber real nasty along with the taste of cock and when rubbed inside vagina causes burns and after many days will start to hurt. So after I said that if you really want a woman you need to find a way to have love with her that is not unpleasant nor smelly, good luck with that! If you just want a girl for good times and playing cards together than you will find one real soon...
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