hi ladies, im a rich and wealthy arab man with too much time in his hands, i want to look for an american or european woman to company me in my lonely times. in return, i will give you treasures from your wildest dreams. i have tried to look for a good woman, but i have not found one so far, finding a perfect woman is very hard in where i live and its time for me to start enjoying life with a beautiful and attractive women who wants everything in life.

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
kind, understanding.
that he treats me with respect and likes for who i am
someone who can remember me when i am dead
intellectual curiosity
respect, obedience, helpful, loving and caring, lastly someone who always forgive
we are humans and bound to make mistakes, person who learn to live with others flaws and live them for who they are with respect and love and loyalty.
for him to be honest n loyal and know how to spoil his women
must have love, carrying must be honest, trusted and smart
loyalty, respect, honesty
i need a man that can supply my needs and care for me
honesty. i am so exhausted with this idea of the continuous lying and secrecy, i can take the truth i promise.
someone who respects me.
trust hardwork loyalty
trust respect compassion communication and loyalty
love and classic
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
my attitude
my butt
hate discrimination
yes no one is perfect but i believe we all trying to do what is right but is not working at all.
uhm ,lie in my parents
not dressing up.
i smoke cigarettes
being to sensitive
i get angry fast
not very good at not being good at things
im g-a-y
not doing more charity
im bipolar
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
my son
attending a four year college and finding out that i want to pursue dermatology as a future career, which takes 8 years of school.
to get a gud man
everything i have right now
having 2 jobs
awarded in my collegue
to become a mother
learn to dance
when i came back to life
is being able to see my family standing together as one
lots of thing but i have given second birth to my mother
my kids
so far supported my friend in prison for a few years with little income
d day i paid my exam fee myself
making someone sad happy
nursing school.
my children
i got my ged and now iam an educator at my beauty school where i also took 2 courses
my diploma
that i found islam. mashaallah that i am still a #innocent# age 28 mashaallah
my talent
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
like 4
anywhere from 1-4 children.
whatever allah decrees 2 one of each ideally
i have 5 kids
i have 6children
i am satisfied with my sons, but think i would like a little girl in future
2 or 3
0....i have 2 already
dont matter
i prefer 1 or 2 but if he wants a football team than fine
i cant have any more kids i had a partial hysterectomy. iam sorry
listen you assume i am a woman but i am a man looking for a woman
3 or 4
sorry im man
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
god and my kids
my mom , my sisters
no one
my mother
my baby
my mom
my kids and my family
my grandfather who passed away july 17, 2015. he taught me how to drive in a 64 chevy before he left my life. we were not close but that bonding experience brought us really close before his death.
my mum. she has supported me through everything
ma son
my dads mom
my vry smal familly my 2 daughter and my grand son
my girl
my 2kids
my mother. she has gone above and beyond for me her whole life to make sure i have the things i need and grow up a decent person in this indecent world. she truly is a very special kind of person.
my two rons
my sons
god,my mother and children
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
i will kill youj
if we love eachather then everything what i will do for him will make him happy there is nothing more imortant that love
i am a very romantic person and i believe that as long as my husband would allow it i would give him the unconditional love and devotion that he needs 24/7.
by being their for him and supporting him all the time. being his friend and companion
take care his needs in everyway from #love-ual to cleaning and cooking rubbing his back after a long day of work
being honest and faithful cooking and pleasing him
by giving him the respect n the attention he needs and cook for him
supporting him
each and every way possible
cooking, cleaning, laundry, homemaking, good #love-, create a family, stay loyal
act as one and consideration trust and passion
cook for him & make him feel comfortable
any how he wants it
being sweet doing anything he wants
wow take care of him cook,keep his staff in order spoil him i would never upset him . would understand him and his wish is my command
i will be the perfect wife for him the best way i can be. ill give him all of me all the time.
respect and honour him
everyday i can
i will try my best to make him happy and treat him with love and respect and be his best friend.i like to show love to him all the times
by doing what ever he want
loyalty and respect of course treat him like a king
i will always care for him in anything, will try to make him happy by coking, massages and many other relaxing things