hi ladies, im a rich and wealthy arab man with too much time in his hands, i want to look for an american or european woman to company me in my lonely times. in return, i will give you treasures from your wildest dreams. i have tried to look for a good woman, but i have not found one so far, finding a perfect woman is very hard in where i live and its time for me to start enjoying life with a beautiful and attractive women who wants everything in life.

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
that he treats me with respect and likes for who i am
listen i am a man looking for a woman
honesty and faithfulness
personality !!!
kind, understanding.
they have to have a nice smile and pretty eyes
loving and romantic
trust. honesty. sense of humor. happy with himself.
silens man... thinking look forward
love and care
takes care of business
showing me i can be spotted
never cheat
trust hardwork loyalty
loving, caring, trust, loyal,soft heart, supportive, helpful
respect, obedience, helpful, loving and caring, lastly someone who always forgive
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
my breasts are not big:(
my willingness to help others even if it means hurting myself
being single
i am not very sentimental when it comes to my friends. i am not a very loyal friend, because i tend to change who i am friends with very often. it is hard for me to commit to these people and i often find myself wondering if my friends are failing me.
hate discrimination
fat after having baby
my weight
i smoke cigarettes
canot finish my educashion
dnt know
um im a bad lier and im nt good in speaking english bt iim very good in writting it
allowing people to constantly do me wrong o have a forgiving heart.
the way i get angry
my face
i love deeply
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
good life
my kids
my children
been a dancer
making my mum proud
graduating high school
finishing school.
so far, finding my passion.
my son
getting through nursing school.
graduating from high school
having a little girl healthy and strong
graduating high school, always.
being a lawyer
attending a four year college and finding out that i want to pursue dermatology as a future career, which takes 8 years of school.
i helped my mom when she neded me .
raising my daughter on my and seeing her off yo college
beating cancer & surviving a liver transplant
my family
iam a stripper
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
i am a man looking for a lady but aim too old for kids but if desired i would like two
2 or 3
as many as we can
whatever allah decrees 2 one of each ideally
as many as i can
listen you assume i am a woman but i am a man looking for a woman
5 r 3
how ever meany he wont
no more kids
i only have 2 lovely boys
3 or 4
two or three
not sure
about 3-6 children
1 are 2
i have 6children
2 children
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
jesus christ
my parents
my brother
my twin boys
dad mom
my beautiful son
only my son
my mother
jesus,than my kid
my best friend
my lovely mom and dad
my son
my kids
my vry smal familly my 2 daughter and my grand son
god and my parents
first god n then my daughter n then my mom n brother
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
by giving him the respect n the attention he needs and cook for him
making sure he know i has his back in how much he means to me
loving him and caring for him
i will take care of him till the end of our life
being loyal and trustworthy and we both fight for our future
be loving loyal and good in bed. #love- is important
well thats mutual.....but getting to know someone is always fun but learning their likes is how you can turn anyone on
listen i am aman seeking a woman
being there for him and praying for him
anything he ask i will do
i will love him and care for him.
support him , advice him and mk him feel like his more important in my life and show him sm good bed time fun if you knw wat i mean
i would treat him kind,give him wholesome meals and love him
i will make him to think that. he is ontop of the world
i will always treat him with love and care. he would be the most important person to me since god says the two will become one flesh. i love to cook and clean.
any how he wants it
i am a loyal woman . i can care for you && never lie
by being a very supportive wife being there when he needs me and always stay in loyal
be into him and put my all into him
respect and look after him
i would be a good wife, l wil respecting him and love him
as long as he treats me good i would make sure all of his wants and needs are taking care of a man should be happy with his wife
doing everything in my power for him
i am a very romantic person and i believe that as long as my husband would allow it i would give him the unconditional love and devotion that he needs 24/7.