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sorry the show was discontinued after a while so we deleted this post. if you still want this wallpaper, please reply
hello there
love pucca so..and so..much
there a cute couple
i love pucca and garu their so cute together garu just doesnt know it yet!
i love pucca and garu they are the best chinese and japanese caracters
quiero gifs de pucca para el msn
somebody have a picture of garu dreseed like a doctor?? it will be nice.. plsss let me now....

hola esta super blinda ok pucca
i adore pucca!!!!!!!
omg i luv pucca so much i watch it every night and my favorite charater is pucca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
garu is the best! no doubt about it! he rocks!
i lovw pucca and garu its so pretty
aaaaaaah!!!!no, es q mi pucca es lo mejor q hay en dibujos animados........los amoooooooo!!!
hola, no soy tu fan numero uno, pero de todos modos me encanta el show de pucca!!! pucca and garu make the best cartoon couple ever! :) i dont watch all the shows either but i still think they are the best anytime!!!!!
i luv this show so much!!
te amo pucca soy tu fan numero 1 osi pucca
she is very cute and pretty girl i like as doll and garu it's gentleman boy
garu's a good fighter and pucca's judt plain adoreable! i prefer tobe, though!
i would like to have pictures funny love of pucca and garu
pucca coool inai ira fanastiska
hihi tai nuostabi mergaite pucca galinti del kaskokio funnio padaryt viska
i love pucca n garu i'm her n his fan #1 she iis so pretty i have a collection of things of pucca n garu!
hola ps me enkanta pucca es una de mis favoritas en carikatutura animada i love pucca
..pucca cute
this is soda kool
nice work :d
i do not know pucca and garu. if you want to get some awesome wallpapers try to find them at 3ddigitalwallpapers !
omg i lllooovvveee pucca
i am inlove with some else already.. i love you puca & guru...
write normaly u weirdo
pucca's cute! but ring ring is not! pucca and garu are ment to be!
i think pucca and garu are a great couple!
i like garu!
i love you so much pucca & garu...
sweet couple cartoon...
pucca & garu, i love u so muchhh....
i like puccas love towards garu.........
i love pucca cuz...

its origional shes cute i wish could marry garu but that would make pucca real sad and way!!! more!!!

she rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love pucca. she is very craizy. and the most thing i like about pucca is garu because deep in side him , he love her.
Garu is soo cute. if i knew someone like him i would probaly do the same thing as Pucca.
pucca is like a cute stalker i love her ^________________^
ooohhhhh!!! de r way tooooo cuteeee... pucca -- d lover of the year..hhehe
pucca and garu are so cute!!!!!! they're the best nad cutest anime in my entire life!!!!!!!!
They are realy cute.Here I found nice pics with Puca owall.net/pics/puc
puca funny love pucca is a sweet daughter of owner of the chinese restaurant. She is a mania to a chinese stylish noodle. her boyfriend is GARU. Garu always chases her around. this is a love story of two cute cartoon characters i have a pucca wallpaer. as you can see, pucca is love and my pucca wallpaper is all about pucca garu i hope to start a pucca club of all things pucca like icons and pucca animation and pucca gifs the pucca icon that i designed was only for one pucca gif that i got from a e cards she was in a hello kitty mashi maro e card that kim kyung ho kao gave me. my other favorite is ani ruby gloom and the one i have is pucca and garu. the picture of pucca was funny because it shows love on a t shirt of pucca flash. if you like pucca shell like me, you can make your own puca gifs animados with an image editor. my pucca shells were created using some pucca pictures that i found in a puca website, but not the pucca official site where i found an images of pucca com then i created my pucca wallpapers all the products you can download the buddy icon and some bag backgrounds forlayouts myspace . in spenol is said: dibujos animados which means animated cell phone i have the latest desktop comics on my pc but its in spanish it says kr fondos de pantalla index2 html whic i dont know what it means but its in a gif format. they are animados and in time is cell pucka be like all of them and Add all 48 vooz asiafinest can be found. i really love pucca cuz is so cute chinese mashimaro pukka and dragid pooka pacca garu opane puka all these are asian anime avatars also, a caru wallpaper si so funny as popcornfor2 with some emoticons for my yahoo i put in on my layout of puccy icons love with a little animation and some creative you can make your own etui pocca oo hycner layout with gifs by picca animaciones gif sac entres tas eng icon sacca mooie diddl animaties iconos salvapantallas bags imagenes dibujos funnylove kitty borse afbeeldingen kleurplaten plaatjes leuke achtergronden club. the dibujos just means images or cartoon. hahah. i thiknk.. well, i hope you like my wallpaper, i have more but if you need more let me know and i can send it to you
I HATE Pucca and Garu
i love pucca
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