so lately i have been watching alot of hgtv because im doing some renovation on my house and i have enjoyed watching color splash with my wife. the crew of color splash are amazing, they do fantastic work their renovations are great. i live in the san francisco bay area also and it would be great to have that talent do my house. but the star of the show seems to me like a cool guy. then i told my buddy about the show and when he saw it, the first thing that came out of his mouth was "is that guy gay?" - what, what difference does it make.. juz cuz he lives in san francisco dont mean he's gay. so i asked his wife, and she say the guy is not gay, he is built and has a sexy body. but anyways, i do enjoy the show. im a fan well, i got this nice wallpaper if you like, i want to have like a screensaver with all his pics, he is so talented and i watch his show all the time, if anyone else also like pictures of david please send them

what do you like about david bromstad?