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do you want to know how to retrieve your old deleted messages from you profile, you know the old myspace where you met people and you talked to them like a dating site. i want to know how i can get those emails back that i deleted by mistake
thanks for adding me on myspace,

i have a questions for you

do you know how i can get my deleted old messages from myspace email.

i was dumb and i deleted by mistake, i had a number from a chick she gave me her number and i want to call her but i deleted all my older messages.. ouch

well if you tell me why you need to get your messages back, tell me your story, if its a good one, i will send the instructions ok

UPDATE: thanks for your replies, i was looking over them and thanks to your answers i was able to get my old messages, as you can see from the image snapshot from above, i can see my emails from 2009 wow!!
my boyfriend say i got some guy on my myspace and that i talked to him and he say i deleted messages so that he didnt see them and now our things are falling apart can u please help me email is gustavoibarra - at - att,net
my bf deleted a phone number from my myspace messages and i have no way to reach the person because they dont get on myspace anymore.. how can i get my deleted message back????
i need to retrieve my hi5 messages because i need to find out exactly when it was dat i got pregnant its a long story lol so dont ask lol
well i have been wit my bf for about 3 yrs and i jst had our first kid about two moonths ago!his bestfriends or supposably bestfriends gave me his myspace password and told me to go in and see da msgs.that i was gana b surprozed.i found out dat he had been cheating on me with some i also found out he deleted about 50 msgs.i really need to read tem an try an recover them.dis depends on my future wit him an our babys.i wana do ws best an stop waisting my time on someone dat can tur tere back on me agan anyday an cheat again.plz hepl me!
if u can send it to my myspace i forgot my yahoo password its been five years!!
well i been with my boyfriend for a year now & we are about to have our first baby, but i notice that he's been deleting alot of messages from his myspace & his best friend told me that he's been cheating on me i need to know if its true i got to see those deleted messages. please please help me.
here is the deal i got a new myspace and i deleted the old one and i didnt forward all the important messages to my new one so can you help me?
Hey months ago i was talking to a friend on myspace she was telling me about how her life was going with her boyfriend since she had recently run away from home because she was pregnant.. Turns out her boyfriend is a gang member and had been physically abusing her.. She had send me a picture of her and her big belly and you could kinda see some bruises.. I accidentaly erased the message with the picture and her mom really wants to see it since not that long ago the girl passed away with the baby in her tummy ... The mom also wants to show the picture to the cops so she can have prove that her daughter was being physically abused and they can send that bastard to jail!!! please helppp i have to recover those messages its important!!
So last year this girl sent me a ton of messages telling me i need to see a "dinocologist" because i have so many stds. i thought they were hilarious because i was a virgin. but i deleted them and then deleted my trash and i would like to get them back. please send the instructions to naturaldisasterr - at - hotmail.
i need help getin my old messages back on my myspace my sons mother emailed me some pictures of my son an i wanted to save them to my computer can u please help me get my old messages back please i dont get to see him and thats the only way
So about 4 years ago, I had this bestfriend that i would hang out with all the time,one of the greatest friends ive ever had. Unfortunately he moved to a different state and i lost contact with him but i remember him giving me his phone number in a myspace message but i deleted some old ones and his got deleted. can you help me out?
well i have been wit my girl friend for about 2 yrs and am about to have a first kid with he,her bestfriends or supposably bestfriends gave me his myspace password and told me to go in and see da messages.that i was gana b surprized.i found out dat he had been cheating on me with some phoo.but i also found out he deleted about 20 msgs.i really need to read them an try an recover them.dis depends on my future with her.i wana do whats best an stop waisting my time on some girl that probably she s not even worth it .plz hepl me!
I would really like to know how to recover deleted myspace messages. The one's that are no longer in trash. I recently found out my husband has been talkng to one of his ex's, I saw one message, but now he deletes them all before I can see them. Is there anything I can do to retrieve these messages?
can u send me da instructions plz
my bf admitted dat he cheated on me b4 but he tells me dat it hasnt happened since...i jus wanna check da messeges he deleted 4rm his myspace 2 see 4 myself...can u plz help
A girl that wants to give me head gave me her number and address... and I accidently deleted the message. :|
I just wanna see some deleted messages on my boyfriends myspace cuz i seen 1 sent one which obviously he forgot to delete so i wanna know what else they were talking about?!
i really need to know how because me and my husband are married and i think he is cheating on me and i need to know so we can deforce right away its hard to talk to him about these things because all he does is leave us can you please help
my girlfriend has lied about every last thing in her past. when i fanally got on her myspace i found things i dident like. i asked and she denied. but the next day everything was deleted and she states she dident do it. please help i have been waiting years for the truth and i would love the help it would make life so much easier to know. thank you.
my myspace got hacked by my friends and deleted all my messaged. i had old poems in there that i wrote and now they are gone. can someone please help me?
i guess its not only me going thorough this my boyfriend i feel is cheating on me. he will be on myspace for hours and when i log on to his page everything is deleted. i tryed going on his email but it wont let me read the messages through his email just comments PLEASE HELP me i need to see these messages it would make things alot better if i just seen them
well i got a 6 month baby . i sent a pic to it when she was first born i really need to get on my so i can find it ... plz let me no soon .
I met my bf through myspace and threw it we started talking we have been four years together and we are engaged now but i suffer from memory loss and i dont remember of the things we used to talk when we met and i want to surprise him on our wedding by remembering those chats. Can i please have the instructions?
well a guy send my son a message telling him that he was going to kill him and now we having a lot of troble with this guy and we have to go to court because of this guy and hes saying is my son who started with him so when this guy send the message to my son he got scared and deleted the message and we need to prove that this guy send this message so we can stop this guy before something bad happend please ifyou can help me i would be very greatfull to you guys please
Lost alot of vital information really need to recover some old messages A.S.A.P please help me
my husben x toll that he sent her a message on her myspace and i need to no we just got back togather can you please let me know if there is a way to get a delete message back
Well, it's basically like everyone else w/ boyfriends. I'm not saying that he's cheating on me' but I could be wrong. My boyfriend deleted all the MSGs that he got from this girl that I don't like at all, but he deleted all of them & I can't help but feel like he's doing something behind my back' I know they talk cus I can see it from his yahoo account; I know it's not the greatest reason' but if you could pleaseeeee help me out it would be much appreciated; - oh ! , & one more thing it's for myspace 3.0 :\ sorry, I hope you still can help? Thank you very much;
yes i no this sound kind of silly but my babys dads sister was talking mess to him and i would like to see the messages because i want to see if he was talking mess about me, me and his sister never get along i would like some help please please help me because i also think hes cheating he gave me his password but he changed it right after he gave it to me so im confused i dont want to be with a person whos going to do things behind my back please help me please thanks
a year ago my best friend wote me a was so beautiful and meant alot to me .well she sent it thru myspace to me .about 6 months ago she died in a car accident and some how i deleted it nd id really love to retrive it. please help
Can you please help me i realy wanna know if my boyfriend is doing me wrong im so in love with him but he always hurts me but when i asked for his myspace login he said yea in about 20mins i think he delted messages and i wanna know wheather i need to leave him or not.
how can i retrieve deleted msgs from girlfriend swears im cheating on her and i wanna show her i wasnt she needs evidence or else she'll break up with me and i dont want that
My ex boyfriend that i had on myspace was a very kind guy. for a second i thought i even LOVED him. That is until, he broke my heart by not only cheating, but the way we had to break up was so sad =( I need your help retrieving old messages, and possibly even his old deleted profile, so i could get some information from him. I have so many questions for this boy. like, why did you handle the situation the way that you did? and why are you such a doosche =( " and all that jazz... PLEASE HELP ME! thank you!
hi my and my well idk ex i guess have a baby together, i just found out he didnt come pick up us when we were broke down on the side of the road for 4 hours because he was at a concert and now i found how he lied about his grandma being in the holocaust and about this chick i need ur help please please please
Hello, i just wanted to say this, so , i had a online relationship with this boy. and i remember we used to have the sweetest conversations and everything. I almost thought we would last foever, then, OUT OF THE BLUW and for some unknown reason that NO ONE could figutr out who knew both of us, he just dissapeared.... i tried my hardest to find him but nothing came up =( please help me find my lost friend/love!!!!!!
I wanted to find some old messages that i deleted on myspcae of me and my current boyfriend talking for the very first time. We have been dating for a year and the first time we met was on myspace messages I would love to be able to see them again
There are about 5 different reasons I would do anything to get my messages back.. Old memories, numbers, just.. I don't remember much, and i am DYING to know what i was like 3 years ago.. the main reason im searching how to get my messages back is because there is a girl i use to message all the time that I lost contact with.. I don't know who it was.. So yeah, I'd appreciate the help!
hey I have the problem as most people here you've probably heard it thousands of times its hard to say but its true i have my doubts about my gf cheating on me and we have been together for 4 years and i love her but if shes not taking this relationship seriously then i would like to know so i will stop wasting my time with her. and yes when i asked her for her myspace info she gave it to me but she erased everything. please help thanks alot
Hi well my reason is identical to the man below me I love my girlfriend with all of my heart we have been together for 3 years but had suspicion of her cheating so when I asked her for her myspace info she did indeed give it to me but she deleted everything I am begging you to help me PLEASE I need to know the truth. This would be greatly appreciated...
Did you ever figure out how to get your old myspace back.. i need mine back and no one is giving me any answers.
Well the same as the rest..... Ive been having suspension that my boyfriend of 5 years cheated on me! The thing is im still young and i dont want to waste my time one someone that has cheated on me and is lying! Can you please help me figure this out !
Same exact story as yours. I was given a number of an old friend who recently caught my eye and i (like an idiot) deleted all of my messages :/ i would really like to get that number back...
I have the same problem as Emily (#7). Please tell me how I can see them!
hey man can i get soome help getting ym msg back. is cuz i accidently deleted ot and now i need it cuz i have a friends number that i wanna talk to and havent seen him in like forever. can you pls help me?
ive had problems with my bf and well ive heard hes been talking to his ex and many other girls and the only way to know since when is by reading his myspace messages but he deleted them i rlly need your help PLEASE!!!
hi i need to find a way to get my old myspace messages back. they just disappeared and i need one of the messages for a court case, in which the person wrote in the message that they lied to the police. i really need this message to clear my name, is there any way to retrieve it?
i accidently deleted some very important messages regarding my son i need to retrieve them asap. can you help me?
I need to get old message that a dead friend hand sent me
i regret for delete my exboyfriend message. please tell me how can i find it back. i miss him so much
I Just Wanna See Some Old Messages And Relive A Memory Form The Past.
My husband and I had a romeo and juliet story. Someone hacked into my myspace and went through my things. They deleted all of my messages. As our one year anniversary I wanted to print out our conversations as a present. I thought that it would bring back the butterflies we used to have.
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I have messages on here from my dad and he passed away last week and the messages is the last thing i have to look back on
Long story short i recently went on myspace to look for some old messages and they were not there. There from an ex boyfriend of mine and i wanted to show him how we were two years ago from how our relationship is now. please help me out :/
hay thanks you guys!!!

i can't believe i was able to get my really old message from 2008.

its so much fun reading over them. i can't believe what a player i was
As like the others, I've had problems with people telling me my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years was cheating on me. All most all emails are gone besides spam an I would like to find out if this true or not. This could save me alot of heart ache. Please an thank you! I've got his password to his account just can not see any messages
i'm just nostalgic and i want to remember what i was like and the messages people sent to me. if you know how to retrieve old messages, tell me.
please help i need my old facebook messages back from 2010 or its either 2011please i just want to show my wife i wasn't cheating please help i don't want a divorce over something silly i didn't do
hi my name is deairien. i recently log into my myspace account and notice that all my message from 2007-2008 was no longer there. i had very important messages from some important people that i know. i remember one message from this girl that i used to date and really would like if i could read it just one last time. thank you
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