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do you want to know how do i make a boy fall in love with me there are many ways you can make a guy fall in love with you making a boy falling in love blindly so he loves you so much is easy but you have to know how to
i say tell him how u feel and if he says no act like u dont care or just start little by little by like taking his jacket and saying can i see it its very cold or just go to him and say i need to talk to u and take him somewere and tell him he might say yes but if he says no then act sad and walk away way slowly or walk away and act like u dont care trust me i did it and it worked but try it?
what if your real shy of talke to him well i am but i still talke to him but this girl in my class likes him as welll what do i do help plz
hi i like a boy and my friend likes the same boy but we wpromissed not to let him get between or friend ship and thats wat u should do to and if she gets mad then she will have to accepet it ok
hi you now how to do it
this ia a gud site and ilove it what can i say its too gud
well,i play with him like every day and my best friend told him that i like him. maybe he would want to ask me out. if it won't for that f - at - $ken ugly (his ex girlfriend) plz don't send any emails to me as my dad does not no about me on this, plz we r all girls here, we stick together.
i don't think so
I Love This Guy Named Marcelino && Im In 6th Grade.. Lmao :D
i been in lovewhit this guy sice i was 9 years old i need u to give me tips thanks herezs my email reannawheat48 - at - L
i fall in love with him but i couldn't tried to tell what my felling inside.im afraid what might may happen.the worst of all is my friends believe that we are on relationship because i lied to them about the standard of both two of us but for him were just friends..what should i do?..
There are two really cute boys I like actually three I don't know who to talk to! One of them is my best friend's older brother and I told her! Please help! Thanks :)
i told him that i like him but not by his self
thank u for the solution i will try if i can
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