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Bible verse Prayer from Psalm 23:4 'Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For you are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.' Some prayers when you are walking yourself in your valley of shadow of death.


Psalm 23:4

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; For you are with me; Your rod and Your staff,
they comfort me.

IF you found this page it maybe that you are walking through your valley of shadow. Sometimes it may seem like the enemy surrounds you everywhere, but remember that Jesus Will never let you be by yourself, Jesus will always be with you. Don’t be afraid. Pray to Jesus to give you strength and wisdom to guide you to the light from your shadow. Be strong, be brave for Jesus is with you.

If you don't know how to pray, Jesus tell us how to pray.

Amen -

Sometimes we feel like we are beaten down, just remember Jesus is your strength, no matter what happened, ask Jesus to help you get out out of this valley of shadow you are walking through. I myself feel like I am walking in darkness, but I know He is with me to guide me. Pray for all of us

Hello, my name is Edwin. I am from the country of El Salvador. I can't tell why God lets us experience pain, because I don't know the answer.

But what I can tell you is that from my experience, when I was younger, I would be afraid of pain. I mean, who likes pain right? I didn't like getting hurt so I would just avoid people.

as I read the bible more, I also grew older and mature, as I read the Bible more and more, it all started to make sense. Why do we feel pain? I realize that if I didn't experience pain, then how would I appreciate love?

Now, I give myself knowing that if I give love and I feel pain, I am assured that I am alive because I feel something. I know that the pain will go away eventually and then love will come again, and that's the best part!!!!

Don't be afraid of pain. Pain is a human emotion, embrace it and not be afraid of it. Give your love even if others don't appreciate it, for you will be rewarded.

You don't have to take my word for it. Read the comments below and you will see you are not alone.

Thank you for all your comments, they are an inspiration to me and to others.

hi i hav just been reading your post an i had that saying put in to a tattoo n yes it dose help thru a lot of hard tyms coz i luk and i smile for when i lost my daughter wen she was born
I was born muslim, allah was never here when my brother was beeting me up, or when I had loads of problems but Jesus is always here when I need him, I feel it and when I pray, he conforts me, I am never alone.
Because it is one of my favourite verses in the Bible.I say psalm 23:4 when I'm alone, walking at night alone, or when I feel sad or emotional. blessed be thy name. hallelujah . Amen.
It's a source of comfort for me when times are tough and when I feel like God is not on my side.
I search for this phrase because it was of great comfort for me in war when i was quite literally walking through the valley of the shadow of death and now that im unemployed and running out of options it is still a great comfort.
i looked for this because i felt so lonely,i suffer from so many different chronic pain that i was sitting in my desk thinking i'm going to die soon.and if i am walking through the valley of dark shadows i want god to guide me out of there.from having so much energy and living life to the fullest im 34 years old suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromialgia and my life has changed drastically i dont know if i have it in me to keep going.but i'll tell you one thing i will never loose hope.i will always keep my faith in god to make me better.but he's the only one that can give me my life back....
I have always believed in Christ Our Lord, I have been raised a Roman Catholic,I have suffered much with Rhuematoid/Ostio Arthritis for 25 years had many an operation, and feel down at times, the 23rd Psalm is one I never memorized as a child as I am now in my 40's gets harder to do. However one of the more Powerful Quote's from the bible by far... ;O) Atb all never loose your Faith.
I do believe in the Lord Almighty.. I have experienced something which i would like to share with everyone... some people simply think by reading the bible or kneeling down and saying a prayer..that the Lord will hear you.. For me ... praying is when you speak to the Lord from your heart.. Tell him everything... that my friend is a true pray.. and at time God's Greatest Gift is an "Unanswered Prayer" .. I believe in that now...
I am wrongly being accused at work for something I did not do which might result in me being terminated or my promotions being stopped for which I have worked for the last ten years.
same reason as you.. i was stabbed 7 times and about to die and this phrase reminds me that im not afraid of what might happen bcz i know there someone/something looking out for me
This is my favorite phrase. It has always given me hope and courage in my darkest times. However, when I heard it 1st it was a slightly modified version and sounded like this: `And as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall sense no pain, I shall fear no Evil`
I searched for this phrase bcoz im really lonely and lost. Why is my faith gone? I always felt God comforting me where ever i go and whatever choice i make. Please come back into my life, i ve been terrible. I ve been evil to those who surround me and hurting ppl who care the most. Please come back... I dont want to get feel this way
I have felt exactly the same my brother, and I had the exact same situation and hurting my parents and beloved ones, and in the first place I hurted GOD, while he is my Father! Pray and set yourself a life goal so you are working towards something in your life together with God, and know that He will ALWAYS help you, even when you dont realize! Bless!
I dedicate this prayer to Noemi and Lexy who's been into a lot of trouble lately
I would love to see the result ! It would inspire me since I had the exact same intentions! Bless
Thank you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I searched this phrase as I miss my father dearly , he committed suicide almost 2 years ago and I feel he is no at peace because he never gave me a reason or explanation and I do not feel as though nor he or I have closure nor forgiveness. I have not been to his grave.... and I always thought it was a beautiful prayer
Why?!?... such a familiar question to me these days :))I know HE is out there but somehow I feel HE hasn't walked on my street for some time... while listening to Moby's song lyrics (In this world)I've remembered this quote...
I came here looking for a direction. I am lost in the dark, I can't see. I need guidance. I will pray for guidance. Things have been so rough, I wonder if I can escape the darkness. I am attempting to get through this now.
I looked this up cause I want parts of it tattooed on my back and cause I'm having gf troubles I just want guidance I'm lost..
hello i was looking for this phrase because i feel completely lost...i've did what a man can do in his life i've lost the path 3 years ago and now i'm almost 21,still in a chaotic situation.sometimes i feel like i'm schizophrenic, other times like i'm left behind because i've sold my self to my desires and i used manipulation and head tricks to get what i want...even thought i have never hurt anyone but i can confess that i have been self destruct .
i am currently going through a lot of transitions and troubles in reviving my life. i feel completely lost and needed some encouragement. thank you.
I searched for this phrase because I am sick with a cold and it just seems like nothing in my life is going right for me. I know I have to have strong beliefs in the Lord. I guess I'm just looking for a break from all of this....
Nice question... I searched it because we will be in Vegas in 3 weeks and we're taking a bicycle ride in Death Valley... this phrase came to mind so we googled it. My best to everyone that finds this phrase in troubled times, It is the troubled times that define us, make us who we are, and make us stronger. Find the positive solution for everyone involved. Peace.
We were protesting on Wall Street, and looking up at the buildings, we felt that the enemy(evil)was all around us, looking down on us, for we were in their valley with no fear.
Just wanted to look up the real scripture portion. I feel as though im always walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but I say this to myself during it so that I can receive power.
Just wanted to read the prayer out loud...
i just wanted to know the verse for myself... this past 2 years i've dealth with alot of pain fron a seriou relationship brocken after 16 years and 2 beautiful children.. and at times i am ok but there are still days where i feel lost pain anger and shock... but i know that i'm not alone . i have survived and i am stronger than i was 2 years ago. . it just still hurs every now and then and i was looking for some words of wisdom. : )
i dont want to be afraid of the world anymore. I almost afraid of failing. I want to go after my dreams and not be afraid of others and what they think of me.
I remembered this scripture,I wanted to see all of it. I liked the comments made about pain and giving love again if u were hurt before.I was deeply hurt and have not let anyone get close to me since,it's been 3 years. I want love again and even though i am very afraid,I am ready to try.
I was looking up some religious Catholic sites and I stumbled across this. I was just remember this in my head from mass and decided to look it up. These aspects of my religion make me feel stronger and that I actually love religion. When I was younger I used to think it was boring.
I've been in a valley for a while now. Alot of pain. Trying to stay strong. I know God will bring me out. Why don't we all pray for each other. Prayer in numbers. Sounds like a great idea. If anyone wants to pray, leave email on this page and I will email you. God Bless all of you.
i feel like i walk through this place called the shadow of death everyday . i wounder what my purpose in life is ? i wounder if i have failed already ? i wonder if i could even make god proud but i dont know how, after all the mistakes i made..
Jesse unless you hurt children or killed someone just for the urge of it he will embrace you.
i want to get this tattooed on me
I am feeling lost and over whelmed. I know that God is by my side. Sometimes it makes me feel a little better during these troubling times.
I have felt like I was walking through this valley not too long ago and now someone in my family is going through a dark valley and needs help to crawl out of the darkness and see the light.
i feel like ive been going down this shodow of death for a vary long time now. sometimes i try to pass ir up but it seems like it likes to show up in a long line. tonight i should have killed a good freind and possibly myself in a car accident that was 100 percent my fault. and i dont know how to cope with this. im not a bad person, i mean well, ive loved, lost and won. but i cant seem to get out of this slump im in right now. i really feel like i should go to hell for the things ive done.
i am at the end off the road..i even lost my girlfriend last week and thing arent good.
I've been there myself. Everything is dark. I mean everything. Shades shut. Tv off. No communicatin with family or friends. I've been there. It gets better. I would say you have to "think positive" but I know from experience that you just have to belive in that day maybe a year from now when all of a sudden things start to seem better. Belive it's gona come. And just try to be the best person you can be until that day because that day will come. It comes for everyone as long as they give themselves a chance to reach that day. Stay strong. Have faith and most importantly ..... Your allowed to feel the way your feeling. I was to you need to feel this way sometimes. It really honest to god makes life that much sweeter later. Have faith Much love. I don't need to know you to know I have love for ya.
As I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I fear no evil as I my karma is in order and my game face is on; may god have mercy on those that try to change that.
i know what its like to walk through this valley because right now im still here..lost and fading away...i dont know how long can i last but one thing im certain...i will not give up..because i know God has His reason why he still let me walk through here..and i know He is always with me specially through this darkest moment of my life..when all things gets worst and against us and it feels like we had reach the end and no where to go..go to Him..God will never turn His back on us as we sometimes turn our back to Him..HAVE FAITH..
i looked it up simply because i've been through alot in my life. i feel like im still in the shadow, i am affraid of something i dont know what but i am. im at a point where i hide it, i dont let ppl see/read me i act so diff. bcause i dont wnt them to know my problems. i tend to keep alot to my self and there is been times where i just feel so lonely. and another reason i wanna get a tattoo with this phrase i really like it.
Like one of those lost sheep, I run without a sence of purpose. I don't feel like I'm going anywhere because where is there to go. I lead a good life have a wonderful wife and three beautiful children, I try to be good though I wasn't alway good in my younger days. This passage just called me today. Just feeling blue for no apparent reason.
Because I feel I'm walking in darkness
After 2 years of trying to save my marriage, we have separated. A 13 year marriage and 2 young children is my story. I am walking through darkness. Please all that read this pray for me.
I have descended into Hell and feel at peace among the darkness. Pray for me.
Because i have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and now I will remember it by printing this scripture on my skin. -From Denmark
i am in the valley now. it is dark, i need gods light. i feel pain, and the pain of my children. i need gods comfort. i am fighting an enemy much greater than myself, i need gods strength.
Because something brought me here i must walking through the valley.
as i walked threw the valley and the shadows of death i feared NO evil.Evils scared of me as i am gods son.(Fearless)
I was looking for the marine quote and found you...
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for I am the meanest mother loveer in the whole valley.
I got a French exam comming up later today :P
I find myself here because I understand now that I was meant to feast among wolves to experience hell; to know that I HAVE won, not lost. I battled evil, and I win because I do not conform. I bring myself out of the darkness that has engulfed me for two years. I see the light. I am done now. I am a warrior. I understand hell. We must experience all that we are not to know who we are. I know who I am and will never waver again. There is no need. I have no need. I am life.
I am saying goodbye to a child today
i feel and think am living in the shadow of death, pain and sin doesnt seem to want to go away i cant get rid of it i dont know why im here if i have a reason to be here i need answers
I Don't really know Life is funny at times
i am writing a book entitled "prescription for peace" which i am hoping to get published. my plan is that it will be a gift book/witnessing tool. could i please have your permission to use this graphic on one of the pages of my book. i would be sure to give proper credit. thank you so much. judith payne bscn, b.a. psychology
hello my name is john your not alone im in i the usa people think the usa is great will its not its how you live your life keep jesus close always i do and always will . i read your store it was perfectly said i will pray foe the people of el salvador and remember no country is perfect god loves us all equally take care my friend god bless
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