Hey,if selena called me i would honestly not scream! I love her and what she does but i do have respect for her. How would you like it if someone called you and was screaming in you'r ear? It would be annoying right? So, Selena Gomez you'r such an inspiration to others,you have been doing what you love for a very long time and we all are proud of you for doing that. If you would love to call me or text(sometimes calls can't get threw) my number is $)%%%%^-&^&^ (if you look at all the marking on you computer/laptop you will figure out my number! ;) Love you very much Selena.

Selena Gomez Quiz

Take this quiz of Selena Gomez. Lets see if you are a real fan or a fake fan. Only the real fans will know these answers. if you get all the answers correct, you will get Selena's Phone number. Good Luck!!