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By: Marilyn (Apr 17, 2012)
Does anyone know what the significance of 6238 is? Or can you explain how to read this?
By: Linda (Dec 14, 2011)
what does that mean?
who are the 144,000?
they are virgin men?
will I go to heaven?
am I trying for nothing?
By: edwin (Jan 09, 2010)
these are the last words in the bible

Revelation 22:21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
By: edwin (Jan 09, 2010)
This are the first words in the bible
By: J Owsley (Oct 01, 2009)
Since 1996 seeking HELP with this depression I found a Dr that over 10 years prescribed over 19 different medications, which destroyed my LIFE, no improvement, just terrible side effects. I attemped suicide 3 times, after the last attempt She issued a medical warrant on me and was on 72 hour hold in a physic ward. After leaving I choose to never take medication, even tho she still prescribed. I was all alone, and began reading the BIBLE and found the ANSWER, Anxiety in the heart of a man causes depression! On all medication for depression it says the cause for depression is UNKNOW??? Well I prayed and FOUND the TRUTH in the BIBLE, so I needed to rid myself of Anxiety which is fear, then I will not have Depression. I FOUND another SCRIPTURE that says GOD did not give us the Spirit of fear but of LOVE, PEACE and sound mind. So The Spirit of fear is satan!!! I had to see my DR on a weekly basis for 6 months because of the last suicide attempt, not taking the medication and She said you are doing so GOOD, we have the right combo of medication NOW??? Aftet about 6 months I revealed to her with bags of pills i did not take and said..NO you did not for I have not taken them for 6 months, I FOUND the TRUTH a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING of GOD's WORD, and I read her the verse Anxiety in the heart of a man CAUSES depression. Now I am Happy with GOD's LOVE and seek HIM for all ANSWERS!!! PRAISE THE LORD! depression meds are POISION. THANK YOU DEAR LORD JESUS CHRIST and DIVINE HOLY SPIRIT for FREEING me from the Bondage of Depression.
By: Dwayne Meritt (Jul 09, 2009)
Who is this Man that found him wandering?
By: maria (Jul 03, 2009)
i am jewish.i was in the service. i saw death.up close and personal.too much if u ask me.but something our soldiers do badazzled me.they yell - "shma israel".like - listen god of israel.and they do it just before they through themselves on a granade(4 example).it's amazing.i believe they are in a better place.and i think that that phrase "i will fear no evil" is about heroes.u step into the valley of death and u have GOD with u.and in the end nothing matters more then having HIM on your side when u go into is is all you need 2 go through.if u can love others.the valley is nothing compared to matter what:)
By: mario's\' (Jan 16, 2009)
how many day'\s do you have?
By: mary (Oct 21, 2008)
thank you Gabriel for doing a job that many won't do. Thank you for protecting this proud country. Thank for protecting my safety and the safety of my fellow Americans. You are a hero.
By: Ryan (Aug 13, 2008)
pray for me. My soul has been tarnished by lies.. I seek the path of the Lord.

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